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How did the sailors’ “analytical relative” Ty France’s quest help complete the franchise trade?

Every two weeks, Mariners Analytics prepares what is called a Red Flag Report. Baseball players who “come out” as evidenced by scout reports վերլուծ analytical measurements of ownership. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Five years ago, a young striker named Ty France, who was tortured in the California A-League after being drafted at the age of 34.թ: Next to Padres, he caught the eye of the sea followers and received a Red Flag.

“And he never left,” Dipoto said with a laugh on Friday.

It became an indoor game, how can we make Ty France a sailor? It only escalated in 2019, when France made an astonishing 76 games in 76 games in the Pacific Coast League.

“I can’t even tell you how many replicas of Ty France’s craft we made in our home until we finally got it.”

That long-awaited moment happened on August 30, which was a busy trading deadline for the 2020 season. France have arrived for midfielder Taylor Tramel, catch-up with Luis Torrens և and relaxing Andres Munoz from the hungry play-off Padres for Austin Nola, Austin Adams and Dan Altavilla.

The acquisition of Jarred Kelenic / Justin Dunn from the Mets in 2018, when Robinson Kano’s most of his contract is unleashed, is what is usually cited as Dipoto’s main hit. But this deal could end up being a piece of his resistance.

With the exception of France, which Marines see as a potentially elite striker in the middle of their squad (և only 26), they got one of the top 100 baseball prospects in Tramel (23) and և attractive in Torrence (25). they think he can be an everyday player.

All three players can be in the starting lineup on any day of this season. And the wild card is the floating Munoz, who is currently on the list of injuries recovering from Tommy John’s surgery, but possessing a fast ball that hits 103 miles per hour և is considered Seattle’s future closer.

“That trade really pushed us into an argument at a different pace, as they are now big league players, giving us a chance to win day and night,” said Dipoto.

The beauty of the deal is that it fit perfectly into the needs of both teams at the time, given their place in the team building bow. The Padres, which was being rebuilt a few steps before the Mariners, were preparing for their first play-off ticket since 2006. in Voyages continued to pursue young, controllable talent.

As the deadline approached, San Diego general manager AJ Preller, one of the few who faced commercial aggression with Dipoto, systematically addressed Padres’ weaknesses. And one of the most obvious was catching. He traded with the angels for Ason Eason Castro. But Preler wanted more, Օ the really desirable player was Austin Nola. And they had great prospects, big leagues, to make it happen.

Their strength from the Marines’ position was the fact that they did not want to sell Nola. In 2018, the penetrating pickup by Dipoto came out of the rejection line: Nola became not only a first-class defensive catcher, but also a strong striker. And the sailors were far behind him’s Tom Murphy all year,’s Cal Raleigh was not ready yet.

Their reluctance to deal with Nola encouraged DePoto to make a trade claim that may have exceeded their expectations. What should they have lost?

“We said ‘no’ to Nola so much that when we finally got to this stage of exchanging player names, we were brave in what we asked for,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s not uncommon to do crafts. ”

The trade negotiations accelerated when Preler uttered the magic words. Ty France, their white dot. And as if that did not coincide with the sailors, he said երկու these two animated Dipotos. Taylor Tramel, whose potential has always intrigued sailors. Preller is very similar to Dipoto in that when chasing a player, he can be ruthless. That’s a big reason why the couple has worked so well over the years.

“We had an initial conversation with Padres, who roughly said, ‘Hey Hey, we really do not want to move Nola. “If you want to talk about it, it will be difficult,” said Dipoto.

“And then they were very ready to go the hard way. When we got there, AJ was pretty stubborn about it, which is AJ’s personality. He called several times, and then when we were fully involved, he said: “Tell me what it will look like, but we are ready to make many pieces.” “AJ knew the players we liked in their system, he introduced names like France և Tramel.”

Upon hearing this, Dipotone immediately called Seattle Assistant Grandmaster Just Astin Hollander and said: “We have a deal signed.”

He added. “If we can start with France and Tramel, it will be very difficult for us to stay away from it. And here we are, we were able to expand the deal. “

The next piece to fall on was Torrence, as Dipoton knew he needed to fill the catch hole left by Nola’s removal. There remained travelers Joe Hudson ևeo Odom. Padres, with great organizational depth, was keen to add to Torrens.

At that moment, the sailors decided to look for one piece that they thought would make this trade truly irresistible. According to Dipoto, the internal discussion was, “What can we do to look back on this deal in four or five or six years and turn it into a household?” That’s where Andres Munoz came in. “

It was Hollander who was initially strong against Munoz, but that was when the trade negotiations that were going on along slowed down considerably. The paddles were reluctant to give up the pitcher, which was perhaps the hardest thrower in the game before the operation. But they were also focused on catching Dodgers.: Preler gave way to Munoz.

Dipoto emphasizes that he does not believe that Padres has been crushed in any way. The opposite: For their purpose, which was the first crushing blow to the last account in more than a decade, the inventory was well spent.

“Padres got what they needed,” he said. “They got a catcher who could connect to the network who works so well with the staff. And in the playoffs, giving Austin Adams the chance to strike when you have a 28-man roster in the off-season was no small feat. “If Austin was healthy, he could have contributed. It was a really big bullet to shoot in the playoffs, when you can bring a pitcher that hits in the middle of the blows in front of him.”

The trade shows the high value of Dipoto’s radar pickups, such as Nola և Adams (cash for Washington legendary Nick Wales: in May 2019). Their careers flourished, and they became a lucrative business that made it possible to do more business with San Diego.

It also shows the value of a strong farming system that is not just about meeting the needs of the team. Due to the depth of Padres’ prospects, Preler was comfortable playing with players such as France և Tramel, who had great potential but were spent because of their surplus.

And that gives a tangible hint of what the future holds for Seattle. It is not hard to imagine that if the “sailors” are arguing at some point, “Dipoton” is chasing the established player with the same hell, who thinks that the “sailors” will bring him back to the top. The riders believe that they are building a farming system that is ranked by most analysts as one of the top two or three in baseball, which will force them to do so.

At the same time, the sailors will closely monitor the development of France, Tramel և Torrents և will wait for the expected return of Munoz this summer. Nola (finger fracture), Adams (elbow sore throat) (Altavila (ankle strain) all started the season on the San Diego injury list, but especially the top two remain strong in their 2021 plans.

In the guides. At the same time, I hope this business will create for them the household they envisioned in the years after 2021.

“I think where they were on their bow, where we were on our bow, really allowed the trade to unite,” said Dipoto. “I think Padres’ results are already obvious. They went post-season, and everything worked out for them.

“It is, of course, good for us. Two players who will enter the opening day of our team, և the third, who we think will spend many days for us in the starting lineup in the coming years. And then a guy who, frankly, if it clicks on him, he’s healthy, he has a chance to be dynamic behind our backs, already in the late summer of 2021. “

For riders, this is an occasion to wave the Red Flag.


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