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How can I confirm that I have an open dialog box in Microsoft Word?

H. I have three questions. First, I have Microsoft Word 2007 on my home computer. For about two months now, when I open a saved Word document, I get a pop-up. “The order cannot be carried out because the dialog box is open. Click OK, then close the Open dialog box to continue. ” When I click on the box, it disappears, and then the virus is scanned every time. I did the usual checks to find this open dialog box, I either can’t find it or I don’t have it.

I read that Microsoft no longer supports Word 2007, which I guess will not provide any more updates, etc. If I switch to free online versions of Word և Excel, what happens to all my saved documents? Can I move them Recommend free Word / Excel or Google Docs for home use.

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Finally, my extended family is interested in having a place to store family photos that are only available to us. I’m concerned about the security that a site like Facebook provides. What is your recommendation for multiple users with different sizes available?

– Pat Rafa

A: First, your release of an open dialog box. I have not personally experienced this, but a number of other users have. Most likely, at least in some cases, the reason is the corrupt Word template.

Here is what you can try.

  1. Launch File Explorer, then click View Table. Check the box next to “Hidden items”.
  2. Click C. On the disk և then դեպի scroll to Users և open your user folder.
  3. Open the App Data folder, then the Roaming folder, then the Microsoft folder, and finally the Templates folder.
  4. Rename the normal file.
  5. Close File Explorer, then restart Word, which will create a new Normal template.

When it comes to replacing Word 2007, yes և Microsoft և Google offer free online versions of their office suites. Just be aware that apps do not have all the features of your paid apps, կարող you can only work with files when you have an internet connection. But both packages support the Microsoft Office suite, as well as the file sizes used by several other dimmers. So yes, you can download the documents you created: you can save the newly created documents to your computer.

As for which team is better, I think it is more a question of which team suits your style. I’ve been a Microsoft Office user for a long time, so if I were you, I would stick to the Microsoft Online suite as the tools are familiar. But both rooms are free to use, so try both to see which one suits you best.

You have many options available for sharing photos. I’ve not heard of any specific security issues with Facebook, except that Facebook has your photos, that is, But remember that photos uploaded to Facebook are compressed and analyzed. If you do not want to lose the authenticity of your photos, և if you do not want Facebook to analyze your photos, you can consider opening a cloud backup account.

H. How do I search The Breaking National for answers to questions you have asked in the past? If I try to guess the key word that was once listed for a question I have now, I just go to The Breaking National homepage. So it’s unfortunate that all the wonderful information in those past columns is now simply lost.

– Richard Smallwood

A: There is a search engine in the upper right corner of the Breaking National website. But if you do not find what you are looking for, try a search engine like Google. Just enter my name, seattletimes.com և the topic you want to search.

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