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How bright is the future Husky for men? Let’s say you don’t need shadows when looking at a crystal ball.

Is there any hope?

When you look at the Washington Men’s Basketball program, do you see a future or just a failure? When you appreciate these Huskies, is there a flash of light or an endless tunnel?

Asking these questions would seem like a nutshell at the end of the 2018-19 season, when UW advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament after a seven-year Dance Drought. But after two bad years, when the finals of the season were not as sad as they were merciful, it is fair to be surprised. Do fans have reason to be optimistic?

The first place to start is head coach Mike Hopkins. The former Syracuse assistant was a low-profile mercenary when he replaced Lorenzo Romari four years ago, but with his attitude, he quickly defeated the Huskies. Always cheerful and kind-hearted, Hopkins won direct awards from two Pac-12 coaches while spontaneously pushing or drawing smiling faces on his blackboard during games.

It seemed to be taken over by Cohen, the sports director. Or was it just a mirage?

On Uwdawgpound.com, Max Wruman noted that Hopkins’ coaching acumen could have been overstated. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Records (21-13 ’17-18, և 27-9 ” 1818) suggest that he behaved so well. But look at the advanced statistics, if you fall into that, draw another picture. In the first year of Hopkins, the Huskies ranked 98th in KenPom’s prestigious rankings, suggesting that their record surpassed their record. Same as the following year, when they finished 48th at KenPom, behind six teams that missed the tournament altogether.

That team had four seniors in Husky’s best five years, plus two players (Thybulle և Nowell) selected in the NBA draft, so UW was expected to do well. Next year was the team.

It did not happen

Despite two of the country’s top 10 recruits (Isaiah Stewart արտ aden McDaniels), Huskier finished last in the Pac-12, winning just five conference games. The following year, after losing those two players, they finished 11th in the Pac-12, winning just five games. general

But can they still recruit?

According to 247Sports.com, Washington has the 78th recruiting class in the country in 2021, 29th from Harvard and 13th below Pepperdine, where Romar trains.

Hopkins’ work could be seriously jeopardized in other years. Given that UW would use the remaining $ 12.2 million in its contract, it would probably be safe. The epidemic turned Washington into a financially turbulent year, with Hopkins reaching the tournament two years ago. But I imagine Huskie needs a mass turnaround or light-gathering lesson to reach the 2022-23 season.

So which one of them will happen? My partner Percy Allen has put together a list of things that must be right for UW to become a candidate again. Examples were filling the front line (which collapsed in the paint), strengthening guard Jam Amal Bey (a dead-eyed shooter who can be extremely passive), finding playmakers, and restoring their recruiting height.

Everything would be fine, but none is guaranteed. In fact, given what we have seen over the last two years, both in court and on the recruitment path, it will be difficult to say that such changes are even possible.

In its position, Washington is ninth in the Pac-12 with one commitment. The standard returns are narrow, the size և post-shooting. Over the past few seasons, Hopkins has shown little ability to adapt, nor has he been able to maintain momentum after an amazing win or two.

Basketball is one of those sports where few stars are able to turn the tables. This is not so much like a completely exhausted football team.

So I guess there is some hope. You just need a microscope to see it.


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