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Houston slips in as a defense, striking back in the quarter-finals

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Calvin Sampson watched as his Houston team came to a halt as Baylor’s 3-point attempt bounced off a 3-point bow.

Instead, the Bears ran the ball և Ma to the MaCio Teague for rubbish as Sampson looked helplessly from behind with his hands behind his back.

Cruel defense and relentless rebounding were Kugar’s identities when they reached their first Final Four in almost four decades. It was enough to cover their shocking shots. But Cougars was fighting for stops և kicks. The failure of the most essential elements of the successful reconstruction of Sampson – the defeat of the “Bears” in the national semifinal 78-59.

Houston (28-4) held the team with 55.8 points և 39% shooting in four NCAA games, while outscoring their opponents by more than nine games. That included the fire of Syracuse’s Buddy Boyhem և Ethan Thompson, who reached the Southern District Finals in 12th-ranked Oregon, while no rival scored more than 61 points.

The Cougars faced completely different challenges with the wealth of Baylor և his elite guards և 3-point shooters. And they struggled to catch up.

Baylor completed the 53% shot, scoring 11 of 24 points, and Ared Butler led the attack, which moved the ball, looking very clean while keeping the Cougars’ physical defense on their heels.

They also outscored and managed almost every second chance, which was a key part of their regional final victory over the Beavers – Baylor scored 25 points before halfway point.

The only important thing was the attacking performance of the freshman Marcus Sasser’s team in that starting half. He scored 17 of his 20 points, and the rest of the team left the field out of 15.

It was a rough end to the journey for the team that reached the top four in the program since 1984.

Deon on aron Aron, who has defended a triple-double in each of the last two games, defended the triple-double, came on for 1:46 minutes and hugged Sampson for a long time. The Kansas transfer was reversed by Quentin Grimes after a while, and they both cried with their teammates at the end of the bench as the last seconds of the season were gone.


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