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Here’s one thing Russell Wilson և Pete Carroll have in common with Tom Brady և Bill Belichik

Where have I seen this story before?

A star midfielder who is upset with his coach. A coach who does not seem to want to give. A success story that seems to matter less every day as tensions continue to rise.

Yes, that seems to be the case with Seahawks midfielder Russell Wilson and his coach Pete Carroll. But in 2017, it seems, it happened with the then Patriots defender Tom Brady and his coach Bill Belihik.

ESPN reporter Seth Wickersham wrote about it in great detail right at the beginning of the playoffs, reports about the big disagreements between Brady, Belichik և team owner Robert Kraft. The consequences were clear. This could have been absurd for Brady ելի Brady,, given that Brady had left for Tampa Bay last season.

But between the publication of that story and Brady’s departure, the Patriots won two Super Bowls, won one, and then recorded a 12-4 season in the final year of TB12 in New England. I bring this because, although it seems clear that Wilson is not happy with the current situation, it could still be a lot for her և Carroll to win in Seattle over the next few seasons.

What we know. Wilson, 32, is under contract until 2023. That means Seattle has an eight-time Pro Bowl defender who has been in control of the team for at least three years.

There is no more powerful position in team sports than the man at the center of football, ում In the NFL, finding an ever-effective signal is probably the most difficult task for a general manager. In other words, the Seahawks are not going to part with Wilson until one of two things happens. full heel.

I suppose the first is always possible, but what is needed? To send Amal Adams to the Seahawks, for example, the planes required the first two rounds of initial safety. Would a team like the Cowboys, Saints, Bears or Raiders, each on Wilson’s trade list, be willing to pledge their future to acquire him? If Wilson had signed a deal, it would have been the team he felt he could claim the title of champion, the team that surrounded him in the short and long term.

Is there an offer out there that might appeal to the Seahawks? և: satisfy Wilson It is not impossible, but it seems unlikely.

Unless, of course, Wilson is clearly content. Although it does seem impossible.

I remember Kobe Bryant openly asking to sell a radio show before the Lakers ousted Pau Gasol. I do not see Wilson doing that. I remember James Ames Harden publicly calling his situation in Houston irreparable. I do not see Wilson doing that.

I look at Texans midfielder Deshau Watson constantly expressing his desire to trade, communicating just as much with newly hired manager David Callie. I do not see Wilson doing that.

To force the Sahox’s hand, Russell would almost have to postpone or spare his training, or become a cloakroom master,, I’m just not sure he’s so tense.

And even if he were, he developed the image of the ultimate teammate, the guy who never leaves a name if you ask about the position group. For number 3 there has always been a “process” և “winning”. Can anyone really see that he rejects these principles just because he is dissatisfied?

I do not blame Wilson for being disappointed. He has been fired more than any other defender since entering the NFL, and after last month’s playoffs, he watched Carroll stress the team ‘need to’ run the ball more ‘moving forward, which, probably hurt Russell.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person for the next three years.

This story is not just a news story. It is obvious that there is tension between the coach and the “midfielder”. Tension that may never be fully compressed. But as in the case of Brady ելի Belichik, Wilson և Carroll will prioritize over beef.

Seattle’s insult may never thwart Russell’s desires, ազդեց his influence may be limited. But the victories will silence all the noise we hear this season. And, probably, many victories are expected.


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