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Have you been given weekly data for the C-19 Test Distribution Service? : BreakingNationalNews Main Website:

By the end of the second week of the NHS Community Pharmacy COVID-19 Side Flow Distribution Service, community pharmacy contractors who are registered to provide the service will be reminded by the NHSBSA Closing day of the pharmacy at the end of the week.

Wholesale test kits

When contractors receive test kits from wholesalers, the following information must be entered on the MYS portal after the end of the business day on the weekend of the pharmacy.

  • LOT number (for example: A1234567)
  • Number of cartons (xx box)
  • Wholesale supply (variable)
  • Date Received (DD / MM / YY)

BreakingNationalNews Produces Stock Record Sheet for COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device (Available here PDF: or: Microsoft Word:) which contractors can use to record this information so that information can be added to the MYS portal at a later date / time of the week.

Contractors are also required to maintain the above information six months (how to register this information on the MYS platform) to support product recalls in test kits.

Delivery of test packages

When contractors supply test packages, they are required to ask three questions: պատասխան The answers to both questions must be entered on the MYS portal before the business closes. The last trading day of the week at the pharmacy.

BreakingNationalNews has developed data collection forms that contractors can use to record answers to these questions on a variety of materials.PDF: or: Microsoft Word:) or personal items (PDF: or: Microsoft Word:); This information can then be added to the MYS portal later in the week.


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