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Harvard Business School petition says Amazon must address racial-gender pay inequalities in its workforce

Hundreds of Harvard Business School alumni’s faculty, including the mother of many of Amazon’s top executives, have signed a petition calling on the company to address wage inequalities faced by female employees of color.

Amazon’s commitment on Wednesday to increase the representation and retention of women employees of color in its corporate executive branch, among other initiatives, is not far off, petitioners say.

The petition asks Amazon to conduct a payroll justice audit by the entire company և to resolve racial-gender disparities in pay, promotion, and pay. hire և promote more women of color ների employees. apply greater protection to employees who report harassment, discrimination, or other change to enhance company diversity and inclusion efforts.

“Announcements [Amazon has] “It’s just soft to do,” said Ared Ared Leiderman, executive director of the petition և Bay Area nonprofit Draper Richards Kaplan. “I want to make sure they come back with serious, concrete ways that change that.” In particular, he said he would like Amazon to make concrete promises to correct wage discrepancies.

Is there a coincidence between what Amazon has already promised to do and what the petitioners signed? For example, Amazon has committed itself to eliminating gender and racial imbalances in the process of reviewing its activities, for example.

The company’s new diversity goals are not the last word on Amazon’s commitment to diversity and engagement, Beth Galetti, Amazon’s head of human resources, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday. “These goals represent the next step in Amazon’s diversity, justice և inclusion journey, not the ultimate destination,” he wrote. “Time և we need careful attention to get where we want to be.” In a letter to shareholders on Thursday, Amazon co-founder ff Bezos announced a new focus on employee welfare, promising to make Amazon “the best employer in the country.”

The alumni case was filed on charges of racial discrimination against the company’s employees, including a lawsuit filed last month by Charlotte Newman, an Amazon Amazon Harvard Business School graduate. His lawsuit alleges racial discrimination and sexual harassment, including the fact that Amazon hired him at a lower salary than his white peers with similar experience, which is sometimes referred to as a “reduction” in technology.

“The decline in Amazon, in the tech-corporate America in general, is possible because that’s one of the reasons we see wage mismatches,” Newman said in an interview, citing a recent Goldman Sachs study. which show that the sharp differences in wages between “white workers”. largely contributed to the racial wealth gap. “Downleveling is associated with systems of greater inequality that lead to lower concentrations of wealth in CC communities in colored communities.”

Newman’s lawsuit alleges that leaders used racially coded language to justify his refusal to step down, criticizing him for being “too direct,” “aggressive,” “simply intimidating,” and warning that he “could intimidate people.”

“I laughed when I read it in the news. “It’s not all Charlotte,” said Vivian Song, a former Goldman Sachs employee who helped organize the petition and Newman’s former classmate at Harvard Business School. “Everyone who knows him knows that this is a racial group, it does not reflect who Charlotte is.”

Prior to joining Amazon in 2017, Newman served as economic policy adviser to New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker. At Harvard, her classmates cast her in a role that represented the concerns of her faculty.

The lawsuit alleges that Amazon did not take adequate action to protect Newman from his superiors after he reported his inappropriate sexual promotion to human resources.

Amazon has stated that it does not tolerate discrimination or harassment. “We immediately investigated Ms. Newman’s sexual harassment lawsuit and fired her. “The investigation has led to remedial action and additional training requirements for those on the show,” said Amazon spokeswoman Andy Anderson. “We reviewed Ms. Newman’s interview process, leveling, relocation, and decided that she fit in well with her role in the company. We are now investigating the new allegations in the lawsuit. ”

Harvard Business School, considered by many to be the pinnacle of American management education, has a special secret on Amazon. Many of Amazon’s top executives are alumni, including CEO Andy Jasin. Amazon co-founder ff Bezos recruited J asi directly from Harvard, now with WarnerMedia CEO Ason Eason Killard. In addition to the assy statement, two other members of Amazon’s chief executive officer are Harvard Business School dealers. Vice President of Fashion Christine Bouchamp և Doug Herrington, who heads Amazon North America Retail. A LinkedIn search shows that about 400 other Harvard Business School daughters work for the company.

The organizers of the petition expressed hope that Amazon’s deep ties with the school will force the company’s management to take their requests seriously.

“Some of us have worked at Amazon. Some of us may be working on Amazon in the future. “But we all hope that Amazon will use this moment to change that.”

The petition responds to activist investor proposals before Amazon’s May 26th Annual Shareholder Meeting, urging the company to conduct a racial capital և civil rights audit of Amazon’s business practices, to disclose how much աշխատակից employees of different races և sex և are being paid. how fast they promote. Amazon has advised shareholders to vote against the offer.


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