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Harris addresses the difficulties of pregnancy for black women

WASHINGTON (AP) – A black mother said she almost died after her son was born earlier in a miscarriage or stillbirth. Another black mother said she had not been told of the dangers of special pregnancy complications among women like her, which led to the loss of her baby just before the due date. A third black woman caring for her granddaughter shed tears through her eyes about the sudden loss of her daughter after the baby was born.

“We did not see it coming,” said Grandma Donna Trim-Stewart during a White House discussion on the health of black mothers. “It’s an unexpected snow to lose him!”

To mark Black Maternal Health Week, Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday discussed issues that make African-American women two to three times more likely to give birth than other women. Harris said Native American women were 2.3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women.

“Race should never determine health outcomes, pregnancy and childbirth should be safe for everyone,” President Biden wrote on Twitter. “But for many black women, security and justice have been denied. “During this dark week of maternal health, our administration is taking steps to change that.”

Harris, who is SJ, said she has heard stories throughout her career about women whose complaints of pain or postpartum depression have been ignored or rejected. He blamed systemic inequalities and indirect bias, saying the consequences were “very real”.

“Women deserve to be heard. “Their voice deserves respect,” he said. “And like all people, they should be treated with dignity.”

Prior to the discussion, the administration announced a number of steps to address US maternal mortality rates, which are the highest in developed countries. Biden also issued a statement calling attention to the health condition of the mother.

Biden’s budget proposal, released last week, is asking Congress for $ 200 million to teach health care providers and other programs openly biased. more funding for the Office of Health և Human Rights Department’s Civil Rights Office; եր more spending on reproductive և preventive health services.

HHS also approved Medicaid’s waiver, which allowed Illinois to extend postpartum coverage for women eligible for Medicaid from 60 days to 12 months. The administration is also taking steps to improve access to and continuity of maternal care in rural communities.

Erika McAfee, the founder of the “Lost Sisters” podcast, described the horrific birth of her son, which followed the loss of another son at 39 weeks and his daughter at 18 weeks earlier.

McAfee said her placenta had completely ruptured from her uterus, that she had lost so much blood that she needed eight blood transfusions at the age of 28, and a partial hysterectomy. Her son, who was deprived of oxygen due to placental abruption, was resuscitated at birth and later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

She started podcasting in 2017 to tell stories, saying that women feel comfortable when they talk about their experiences.

“The stigma and shame that come with having stories of loss prevent black women from getting the treatment they need to thrive in their new normal environment,” McAfee said.



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