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Happy Monday? England is embarking on a serious loosening of the blockade

LONDON (AP) – It is called “Happy Monday”. Outdoor swimmers wear their outfits for the first time in months, and rusty golfers do their best to get their bikes down the middle of the course.

England has launched the latest blockade of the coronavirus, which came into force earlier this year, with the permission of families, friends who can meet in the open air, and many other sports.

And, as if right on the signal, the weather is turning. During this time of year the temperature rises to more levels, as in the south of Spain.

With Monday’s easing, up to six or two household groups can communicate “once in gardens” and outdoor sports facilities can be reopened after regular house-to-house maintenance, which has seen new cases of coronavirus fall sharply in the past. three months, officially over.

After months of working together at home, many people want to enjoy their favorite sports, from tennis to outdoor swimming. Organized team sports, such as children’s soccer clubs, can also get started.

One of the first, if not the first, to reopen its doors on Monday was Morley Hayes Golf Club in Derby, central England, where players started their charity tournament at 12:01 a.m. with a seven-hole illuminated charity tournament.

Other parts of the UK, such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are taking similar steps. In Wales, thousands of people flocked to beaches and mountains on Saturday after authorities lifted travel restrictions that had been in place since December.

Many aspects of the British blockade remain in place as the British government emphasizes that it is cautious about lifting the restrictions, especially as the number of cases in continental Europe increases.

The police welcomed the mitigation, but stressed that the officers would remain very visible, including in open areas, would not rush to pursue anyone who went beyond what was permissible, and threatened to revive the virus.

“We will continue to respond quickly to house parties or dangerous shocks by enforcing fines and fines,” said Jane Eyn Connors, Deputy Assistant Director, who is leading the coronavirus response to London Underground police. “We do not apologize for the tough stance that has stopped large rallies that endanger public safety.”

Most unnecessary businesses remain closed: pubs, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, theaters, museums, stadiums. And the government continues to urge people to work at home where they can, while travel abroad is prohibited, except for a few special reasons.

The UK has recorded more than 126,000 COVID-19 deaths, the highest in Europe. Deaths have dropped dramatically in recent weeks as the number of people infected with the virus dropped dramatically as coronavirus vaccines were blocked and spread rapidly. The UK recorded 3862 new cases on Sunday, the lowest daily rate in six months.

Prime Minister Boris John Onson urged the public to be careful not to interfere inside. The “clean air” campaign of the public information starts a warning against the dangers of gathering inside.

“Despite today’s conveniences, everyone should continue to follow the rules, remember ‘hands, face, space’ to give the vaccine when calling,” he said.

John Onson said he hoped the easing would “start the big summer of British sport” as sports stars, along with the government, encouraged him to return to physical activity.

Restrictions have been eased as official figures show that more than 30 million people in the UK have received the first dose of the vaccine, which is about 57% of all adults.

The UK aims to deliver the first blow to every 18-year-old by July, within 12 weeks of the first shot.

Health officials say the program will slow down due to supply cuts in April, in part due to a delayed order from India. The European Union, which has apparently lagged behind the UK in vaccination, has threatened to block the shipment of vaccines from the bloc until pharmaceutical companies, particularly the Anglo-Swedish firm AstraZeneca, send more staff to EU countries.


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