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Grandpa the second year of the epidemic. Depreciation, economic difficulties

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Vatican City heavier

Traditionally, the Pope held a procession through Pal St. Paul’s Square in front of tens of thousands of “tourist” pilgrims holding olive branches and palms of their hands before an open-air liturgy.

But as Francis did in the spring of 2020, just weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, it became the first country in the West to experience an epidemic. “Epidemic security issues և Restrictions on travel by the Italian government և Other movements while the country is battling a major wave of infections are holding back the usual crowds of tourists and pilgrims.

“This is the second time we are living it (Holy Week) in the context of the epidemic,” said Francis, with about 120 devotees, including nuns, several families or couples, sitting in distant benches. “It simply came to our notice then. This year it is trying harder for us. And the economic crisis has worsened. “

Like the 30 participants in the red cardinals’ march, they all wore protective masks, but Francis, clasping his palm, did not use it. He was noticeably lame, at least once the assistant helped him up the stairs. Francis has been suffering from sciatica for a long time, and recently he had a bad period of the situation, which can cause leg and back pain.

Against the backdrop of suffering from the epidemic, Francis said: “We meet the faces of many sisters in trouble.”

“Let us not pass, let us let our hearts move with compassion, let us come closer,” said Francis. He devoted most of his patriarchy to drawing attention to those living on the margins of society, including the homeless, the poor, and migrants.

With the exception of Holy Friday procession in St. Peter’s Square, all Holy Week services in the Vatican this year will be held inside the Basilica, including the Easter Liturgy at the culmination of Holy Week. Believers will not be allowed to attend the Friday evening service, a torchlight procession usually held at the Colosseum in Rome.

The Italian government has tightened its epidemic and security measures over the Easter weekend. These include banning travel to restaurants, cities and towns to cook in restaurants or cafes. From April 3 to 5, people are only allowed one holiday visit to family or friends’ homes.

During a Palm Sunday service in Indonesia, Francis, who injured at least 14 people, prayed in front of a crowded suicide bomber at a Roman Catholic church.


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