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GOP rallies against Democrats’ virus package

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans rallied against Democrats’ proposed $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout bill as lawmakers await a Senate resolution that could push for or possibly kill a key federal wage increase.

Despite their slim paper majority in Congress, Democrat leaders were ready to distribute the package across the House on Friday. They hoped that the Senate, where the changes seemed likely, would follow soon enough to have legislation on President Biden’s office by mid-March.

No Republican in any of the chambers announced late Wednesday night that he would support the bill. The GOP leaders attacked the package as a job killer doing little to reopen schools or businesses closed to the epidemic, which was not only pointless but even dishonest.

“I have not yet seen a Republican find anything there that they agree with,” said Kevin McCarty, RC Calif. “I think all Republicans believe in three simple things. They want a bill that brings us back to work, school or health. “This bill is too costly, too corrupt, too liberal.”

The growing opposition suggests that Biden’s first major legislative initiative may face unanimous opposition. It was a reversal of the new president’s abstention during the campaign to unite his country, the repetition of the Republican wall that new President Barack Obama faced in 2009 in most of his administration.

Democrats showed no signs of backing down, pointing out what aid the measure would extend to people, businesses, states, and local governments.

“If the Republicans of the Congress want to oppose all that, my answer is. Good luck, “said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., at the Senate floor.

The biggest concern Wednesday night was the expected decision by Elizabeth MacDono, a non-partisan arbitrator of its Senate rules, which promised huge political and legislative consequences.

The aid bill includes a provision that increases the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour within five years. The MP is involved because the Democrats, under special rules, are pushing a total of $ 1.9 trillion through Congress, which will allow them to avoid Republican fraud in the Senate.

The same rules prohibit provisions that only have an “accidental” impact on the federal budget, as they are largely for other political purposes. The deputy decides whether the provision passes that examination.

As Republicans strongly oppose raising the minimum wage, the only way to survive is to include it in a defenseless bill as measured by COBID-19 relief. Democrats needed 60 votes to stop Philipaster, which was impossible for them in an evenly divided 50-50 Senate.

If the parliamentarian decides that the minimum wage provision can remain in the bill, it will be a big incentive for his supporters. But there is no guarantee that the tool will survive, as some moderates oppose it or want it back. This suggests that unpleasant bargains with his final horse are ahead.

The MP’s decision that the increase in the minimum wage should fall from the bill may be fatal, but not mandatory. Democrats, meanwhile, could have benefited from procedures that are rarely used for the minimum wage bill, but it was unclear whether they could raise enough support to do so.

The minimum wage since 2009 was $ 7.25. Winning the raise is a top priority for Democrats as Democrats control Congress և The White House.

The general bill will provide millions of Americans with direct payments of $ 1,400 to help them overcome the epidemic that stalled most of the economy in one year and killed half a million people. It contains billions of dollars in vaccine benefits, COVID-19 tests, school, state, local government, and emergency unemployment benefits, while providing tax cuts or payments for many families with children.

As a sign of a difficult policy, Republican Republicans have suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Դ Sumer’s money be included in their state bill.

McCarty said the bill has $ 100 million to help extend the San Francisco-based BART Rail system from south to San Jose. The bill was previously approved by the Trump administration in the San Francisco area of ​​Pelosi, a senior Democratic aide said.

McCartin ղեկավար Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Schumer is believed to have won money for a bridge connecting New York to Canada. A senior Democratic aide said the bill contained $ 1.5 million for a bridge in the Elize Stefanik district of RN.Y. The aide said it was requested by the Trump administration’s Department of Transportation in 2020, which was headed by Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife.



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