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Good traveler Teddy Allen is leaving Nebraska for his third D1 team

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – Teddy Allen, Nebraska’s top scorer, broke the Pinnacle Bank Arena record in less than a week on Monday.

Nebraska was Allen’s third division program during his mercury career in court and abroad. Coach Fred Heiberg said last week that Allen was worried about his wrist.

“After thinking a lot over the last few days, I decided to focus on being completely healthy in preparation for the next step of my basketball journey,” Allen said. “I will continue to stay in Nebraska for the spring semester, working on graduation work. I look forward to what the future holds as I study my options. ”

Allen began his career in West Virginia, where he spent one season moving to Wichita in 2018. He spent the next season according to the transfer rules, never playing for the Shockers. He was fired from the team in June 2019 after he was arrested in connection with a riot with his girlfriend.

Allen transferred to West Nebraska Community College, where he led the national youth college unit in 2019-20, then joined Heiberg’s team in Lincoln.

Allen averaged 16.5 points to lead the Haskers, a record 41 points after losing 86-83 to Pent State last Tuesday. Two minutes later, in a defeat in Illinois, he was limited to seven points, which forced Heuberg to mention the wrist for the first time.

On Saturday, Allen was not in the starting line-up for the home game against Minnesota, playing unbeaten, playing 10 minutes in a 78-74 victory.

Allen has been a Boyce Town High School sophomore, a home for troubled young people in the Omaha area, and fans have hailed his arrival in Nebraska, hoping he could play a big role in Heiberg’s efforts to build the project.

“I would like to thank Coach Heiberg, his coaching staff, for allowing me to return to Nebraska to play basketball at the best conference in the country,” Allen said. “I appreciate the support I have received from everyone in the program. I am grateful for the love I received from my teammates for the relationships we have built over the past year. ”

Allen has played 22 games for the Haskers and has scored 20 or more points eight times. He was disqualified for a game in Minnesota on February 8 for breaking team rules.

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to train Ted for the past year,” Heuberg said. “We will support him as he completes the spring semester. We do not want him to be anything but progress.”


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