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Gonzaga’s perfect season bid is moved to the Final Four

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Gonzaga’s perfection count has reached two

The Bulldogs are back in the quarterfinals, two victories after becoming Indiana Husser’s first unbeaten team in 1976.

And after all this unrest, the peak of the March madness in the province of Houzier will be a matter of high seeds.

Gonzaga is 1 seed. Baylor too. Houston, 2:

The final place, which will be decided late Tuesday night, will go to No. 1 in Michigan or UCLA. The Bruns are 11, but they are also the leaders of all time in national championships.

There will be a trip to the Southwest Conference Memory Zone.

But Zag ogs will be the winning team.

Gonzaga (30-0) has been an offensive glamorous rarity in college basketball. Moving fast and flowing freely, the super-efficient Zags evaporated everyone in their path, winning 27 straight double-digit games in Division I.

The 85-56 dismantling of Southern California at the Elite Eight brought the two-game winning streak to 34 games, the last four times in four NCAA tournaments and the second time in the Final Four. In the 2017 national title match, Gonzaga lost to North Carolina, but his goal this time is to finish it and take a piece of history.

In the national semifinal on Saturday, the “sags” will compete with Michigan or UCLA.

“Everyone wants us to keep moving forward, but we do not roll that way,” said Gonzaga coach Mark Fue. “It is an achievement. We are going to take it տես to taste what is there. It does not diminish our desire to win this game, the next game or two more. ”

Half of the Texas lottery will look southwest.

Baylor և Houston were both members of the 1996 Southwest Conference. The bears were there when the league started, around 1914. Cougar passed from independence to SWC status in 1975.

The latest versions of the two programs are almost identical. Long, sporty, fast, respiratory protection.

Baylor rebuilt for a long time to finally get here.

The bears were embroiled in one of the darkest scandals in college basketball history when Patrick Denny was killed by teammate Carlton Dotson in 2003.

Coach Scott Drew intervened.

Baylor’s job was cut short after he spent a year in Valparaiso replacing his father, Homer, և he spent some lean years in Waco.

He then transformed the project into a national power plant.

The Bears (26-2) were unstoppable this season until the COVID-19 break slowed their rotation, but in March they returned to their dominant ways.

After failing twice in the regional finals under Drew, Baylor defeated Arkansas in the Elite Eight և reached the quarter-finals for the first time since 1950, when the bracket was eight teams, Be Beavers City College in New York won the national championship.

“When we started the (first) season, you learned that most of your team were walkers, most of them were not over 2, and then you realized that it could be tougher than you thought.” Drun said. “But it is clear that the goal has always been to create a program that can compete backwards and have the opportunity to play in March.”

Calvin Sampson left a similar impression on Houston.

The Cougars have lost their shine since the days of Phi Slama Jama, reaching the NCAA Tournament 22 times by 2014. Sampson’s employment.

Sampson gradually built Houston, moving it to the second round of the NCAA Tournament in 2018, the following year – Sweet 16. Parking Cougar (28-3) dominated this season, defeating their first four NCAA Tournament rivals to reach their first quarter-final in 1984. After losing the National Championship game.

The race intriguingly reached the NCAA home in Indiana, where Sampson’s career was coming to an end. He was forced to leave Indiana in 2008 due to NCAA sanctions, and now, 13 years later, he has completed his tour of Hozieh province to fight for the national championship.

“We took a group of kids to believe that they came up with something that no matter what happens this weekend is something no one can take away from them,” Sampson said. “They will always be known as quarter-finalists. They played in the final four. “


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