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Gonzaga may be a team of centuries, but it has definitely been a game and a hit for centuries

If you are going to be one of the greatest teams ever, you can play in one of the greatest games ever played.

And if you play in one of the biggest games ever, you can win it with one of the biggest hits ever.

Gonzaga goalkeeper Ale Alain Suggs said he could not find the time to describe the words after his team played in a 40-foot brawl to win the 93-90 overtime game against UCLA in Saturday’s NCAA Men’s National Semifinal. Do not sweat it, ale ale. I’m sure no one can either.

Games like Saturdays are not the kind of post-match eloquence that are common. They are the kind that evoke raw emotions.

You want a more concise version of that Final Four classic? It most likely came from LeBron James Ames, who wrote in his tweets: «OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! »

What else can you really say?

At one end of the court were high-end tournament salads (31-0) trying to become the first team in 45 years to finish the undefeated season of men’s college basketball. Since the beginning of December, no team has been within 10 points of beating them; they have won their four tournaments by an average of 24 points.

At the other end of the spectrum were the 11 UCLA Bruins, who started their run as a playoff team, winning two of their tournaments in overtime, then beating Michigan by two points in the Elite Eight. They opened with a 14-point underestimation of the largest men’s Final Four in the last 25 years.

Next was one of the most exciting, effective, and fun games in the history of rings.

The pre-election gossip of the CBS studio staff suggested that Gonzaga be for UCLA what Jo oi Chestnut is for hot dogs. The Bruins quickly proved that this was not the case.

Yes, they hit a number of difficult shots, but he also controlled the boards. Yes, they benefited from an early break from Gonzaga striker Drew Tim, but they took great care of the ball.

Yes, at one point it seemed that the Zags were about to leave in the second half when they had a seven-point lead, but as UCLA kept jumping back, it was clear that this was a struggle between a team that could not stand against it. A team that will not leave.

Gonzaga had a score of 66-59 for 11 minutes, and then 5:15 remained with a score of 73-70. UCLA’s John onz Uz’s call scored three points to give his team two points three minutes ahead, then 30 seconds later Sugs would jump back. Swag would turn UCLA’s Cody Riley into a monster, replace Timm with full legal aid, and then answer the call with another J. The game had 15 draws, a change of 19 leaders – one of the most memorable additions in the history of the tournament.

For a moment, it seemed that Gonzaga was going to finally confirm his dominance in the extra time, as Tim scored three consecutive goals. But the last five minutes, in fact, reflected the first 40. Juzang tied the game 90-90 with 3.3 seconds left in the standings and then magic.

A week ago, Suggs said his biggest sporting moment was the high school football championship. It was replaced by what could be irreplaceable.

After receiving an inbound pass from Corey Kispert, Suggs hurried to the field, got up near the barrier, not counting the final, and jumped on the table after the celebration.

“I always wanted to run on the table like Kobe (Bryant) և D-Wade (Dviane Wade) և to go like that, և that’s the first thing I did,” said Suggs. “Man, this is something you do on your mini-ring as a kid or you just mess around in the gym. And being able to do that is crazy. ”

However, this did not go unnoticed by Gonzaga coach Mark Feu, who said that Suges regularly took such strikes in practice during late game simulations.

Few of his stellar freshmen said: “Ale Allen has a magical aura. “I knew when he shot it, it was coming in.”

Recent bias often leads to hyperbole, but it is hard to imagine that in 20 years the game will not be considered an all-time classic. Not only because of the changes in the lead, the great plays, the heroism of the late game, but also the aesthetic.

UCLA recorded 57.6% and Gonzaga 58.7%. Watching was as beautiful as it was fun.

Now comes what many considered the dream match of the whole season. Gonzaga vs. Baylor in the NCAA Finals. Count on Suggs to make the moment enjoyable.

“When dreams start to come true, you can feel those things, it’s special,” he said. “And these are things that you should cherish. You will never get a moment like this again. ”

It could be for the fans.


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