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Godro responds with 2 assists as Flames defeats ets 4-2

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CALGARI, Alberta (AP) – Night Oni Godrod responded to a coach’s barrage by making a double assist for the Calgary Flames at 4pm on Saturday night. Winning the Winnipeg Jets by 2 points.

Cal Osh Levon, Mark Gi Ordano, Andrew Mangiapan և Sam Bennett scored for Calgary (16-17-3), ending a four-game losing streak in the second of three consecutive games between the teams.

The final of the series is in Calgary on Monday night.

Godrod, who has scored nine goals in nine games, produced his first multi-year point in a month in his 500th career game.

“I played with those guys in that locker room for a long time,” Godrod said. “I’m sure many of them are really happy for me after tonight.”

Friday at “ets ets” 3: After the 2-point defeat, “Botser” coach Daryl Satter said on Saturday morning. “I hope he has more energy than in his 499th game.”

“I heard that,” Godrod said. “I did not think much about it. I have been playing hockey for 24, 25 years. I know when I did not play well և I know when I played well.

“Personally, I’ve been going up and down all this season. Obviously, sometimes not finding a network – things like that. I try to work as much as I can every night for the 23 guys in that locker room. ”

Calgary is 5-5 years old after Sutter took over as coach on March 8.

Godrod played Saturday at 5:05 p.m., the second-largest Flame striker, behind Elias Lindholm (19:56).

“I thought his pace was better,” Satter said. “Frankly, it was his best game since I joined the team.

“He is an elite player in this league, so he should try to have his best in every game.”

Winnipeg defender Logan Stanley scored his first goal in the NHL, and Mason Appleton also scored for the ets (21-12-2), two points behind Toronto ahead of the Northern Division.

Playing their fourth game in six days, both clubs started their reserve goalkeepers. David Ritchie made 22 saves to win his second start in Calgary’s last 12 games.

Laurent Brossoit fired 29 shots from defeat.

“We have not been very successful in this whole stretch,” Satter said. “When you don’t have very clean goals, you have to get that break right away, we got it.”

3rd district 7. In the 48th minute, Brossoit misplayed Bennett’s shot, hitting his own net with his stick.

“You learn over time that these guys are really proud professional athletes,” said aircraft coach Paul Morris.

“You would not say anything to anyone after the game. You would wait, slap the pads the next time you are on the ice, laugh around it, move on. ”

NOTES. The Planes lead the 10-game season 4-2-1. Monday Winnipeg is hosting a seven-game road tour on Monday, the longest this season. Ավագ Flame captain Mark Gi Ordano avoids 500 points out of 500 for his career. Calgary defender Chris Tan received his 100th assist. 6 6 feet 7 pounds, 228 pounds, was the Jets’ first draft in 2016.

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