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Goalkeeper Allison entered EPL history books

Liverpool goalkeeper Allison made his way to the West Bromwich Albion penalty area with more hope than any expectation of a goal that would keep his team’s chances of reaching the Champions League alive.

After all, he has never scored a goal in his career. No Liverpool goalkeeper has ever played in a competitive game.

The title of the textbook from one corner changed all that in one of the busiest moments of this or any Premier League season. Wearing gloves and a black shirt and shorts unacceptable, Alison was in the middle of the field watching Trent Alexander-Arnold’s perfect header in the bottom corner, giving Liverpool a dramatic 2-1 victory. Sunday

Alison got up from the ground and was immediately taken off the field by her teammates. Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp was speechless in his technical field.

The goalkeeper scored the goal for the sixth time in the history of the Premier League. None of the previous 5 had won.

And “Liverpool”, despite all the possibilities, could have dreamed of the Champions League once, a week after the season.

“You can’t explain many things in life,” said the Brazilian footballer. “For me, the only reason for such things is God. “He put his hand on my head today. I feel really blessed.”

The goal was given by Alison to her father, Jose Agostino Becker, who drowned in February after swimming in a property in the southern Brazilian city of Lavras do Sul.

“I wish he was here to see it. I’m sure he’s celebrating with God,” he said.

Without that goal, “Liverpool” was going to miss the top four, its fate was not in the hands of other players.

Now that victories over Burnley and Crystal Palace are likely to place Liverpool in the top four and return to the Champions League for one of the biggest clubs in European football.

Liverpool have 63 points, one behind fourth-placed Chelsea and three behind third-placed Leicester in two rounds. On Tuesday, “Chelsea” will host “Leicester” in the next, last round.


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