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Germany launches EU digital vaccination passport

BERLIN (AP) – Germany on Thursday began preparing a digital vaccine passport that could be used across Europe as the continent prepares for a key summer travel season.

The country’s health minister said that from this week, vaccination centers, doctors’ practices and pharmacies will gradually start providing digital transfers to fully vaccinated people. CovPass will allow users to download proof of their coronavirus vaccination status to their smartphone app, giving them easy access to restaurants, museums or other places that require proof of immunization.

The vaccine passport should be available in Germany to anyone who is fully vaccinated by the end of this month, said Health Minister Jens Span.

“The point is, this certificate can also be used in Helsinki, Amsterdam or Mallorca,” he told reporters in Berlin.

People who have been fully vaccinated will either receive a QR code letter that they can scan on their phone or contact their doctor or pharmacy to get a digital passback.

“In doing so, we in the European Union are setting a cross-border standard that no longer exists in the world,” said Span, adding that the digital vaccination passport is a step towards the resumption of international tourism.

The country’s disease control agency, the Robert Koch Institute, said Thursday that 47 percent of the population, or about 39.1 million people, received a single shot. Almost 24% or 19.9 million people are fully vaccinated.

Nearly 1.3 million people received vaccine surgery on Wednesday, the highest number ever.

On Thursday, the German Vaccination Committee, known as Stico, advised that children between the ages of 12 and 15 should be shot only if they had certain illnesses, such as obesity, chronic lung or heart disease, dpa reported. n: Healthy adolescents can also be vaccinated if they, their parents or doctors decide to do so.

The German panel disagrees with the European Medicines Agency, which last month recommended extending the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to children aged 12 to 15, a decision that offers a smaller, lower-risk population with access to COVID-19 across the continent. was shot for the first time.

The head of Stiko, Thomas Mertens, said that although teens are very well protected by the vaccine, only a few children երեխան have participated in medical studies և possible serious side effects are not ruled out.

Mertens said the proposal is based on the fact that very few children are seriously ill with COVID-19 compared to the elderly.


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