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GameStop is finally announcing the sale of shares

Market phenomenon Two months after the transfer of shares of GameStop to the moon, the video game retailer said on Monday that it would sell up to 3.5 million shares of its shares. The price is still very high.

The company said the shares would be sold through a “market” offer, which would allow the public trading company to raise capital over time.

Strange controversy between hedge funds: greatly reduced by GameStop, betting that stock prices would fall, և smaller investors disputing them sent shares of the surrounding company earlier this year.

Market experts urged the company to enter more shares in the market, as the share price, which amounted to $ 20 each, reached $ 500. The sale of such shares would allow the company to pay off the huge debts it had accumulated as the technology shift forced players to spend money online rather than in GameStop stores.

And just two weeks ago, GameStop petitioned the Securities and Exchange Commission that it was actually considering such a sale in January.

Shares rose 1.625% in January as smaller start-up groups communicating on social media boosted retail stocks by putting pressure on hedge funds to sell “short-clicked”, which only pushed up stock prices.

Shares usually slide when a stock is announced, as it can lower the value of the shares already in the hands of investors. It happened on Monday, before the opening bell, with shares slipping almost 16%. But the stock is still worth more than $ 161, which means that this year prices are still more than 900%.

The company, based in Grapevine, Texas, said Monday that global first-quarter sales were up about 11 percent from a year earlier, a time when the epidemic was sharply criticized by the United States. Եւ GameStop Retailers like this were forced to close stores


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