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Fully vaccinated people can stay outside without a mask, except in crowded places, says CDC

WASHINGTON. Federal health officials said Tuesday that fully vaccinated people should be free to wear masks outdoors when walking, running or cycling, or eating out with friends. year of masking և closing.

President Biden notes that leadership is weakening as another reason for people to be vaccinated, urging them to move forward, to protect themselves, those around them, so that they can live better lives by “gathering with friends, going to the park for a picnic without the need for a mask.” »:

Biden set July 4 as the target when people could gather for a backyard party with a normal feeling, or the new mask guide, or his words, to encourage people to continue filming.

“I do. “I want to thank everyone who received the vaccine for doing your patriotic duty and helping us on our way to Independence Day,” Biden said in a speech to the White House Northern Lawn. He arrived at the podium in a mask. He returned to the White House without anyone saying he did not have to wear it until he returned home.

The latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that more than 52% of eligible voters in the United States have received at least one shot, but vaccination rates are slowing amid vaccine fluctuations, especially in rural areas. residents and Republicans who say the risks of the virus are too high. Involvement among colored communities was also slow, as a lack of transport and health services slowed access.

Officials said the amended guideline was intended to help those who are fully vaccinated return to their old routines while encouraging others to shoot new, highly contagious versions.

“Over the past year, we have spent a lot of time telling Americans what they can not do and what they should not do,” CDC Director Rochelle Valensky told a White House briefing on Tuesday. “Today I will tell you some things you can do if you are fully vaccinated.”

The recommendations also refer to the growing calls from infectious disease specialists and other public health professionals to soothe mask mandates outdoors as winds disperse airborne virus particles, distance is easier, and moisture and sunlight make the coronavirus less viable.

For this reason, the guideline states that even unvaccinated individuals may opt for masks when walking, running, or cycling outdoors with family members. Officials also warn that crowded outdoor items carry risks – everyone – vaccinated or unvaccinated – are encouraged to wear masks when attending sporting events, live performances or parades.

The growing body of evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people are less likely to have asymptomatic infections or to pass the coronavirus to others. Officials do not know how much protection there is, how much vaccines protect against developing viral variants.

But “taking steps to reduce certain measures for vaccinated people can help improve coronavirus vaccine uptake and absorption,” the guideline said. “Consequently, there are a number of actions that fully vaccinated people can resume now at a lower risk for themselves while taking into account the potential risk of transmitting the disease to others.”

– – –

Valensky cited several factors motivating the change of leadership. Reducing coronavirus cases և Rising vaccines (more than 37% of people over the age of 18 are fully protected) make outdoor facilities safer than before. Closed settings are almost 20 times more likely to transmit outdoors, he said.

If more people continue to be vaccinated and the number of cases decreases, he said, the CDC will issue additional guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated.

Asked how he would describe the nation’s situation now compared to last month, when he spoke of a sense of “imminent destruction” as infections increased, Valensky said that if the United States followed the measures taken by other countries where “vaccinations continue. to increase the chances that we should be in good shape. “

Addressing states that require outdoor masks, Valensky said that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks unless they are in crowded outdoor areas, such as stadiums and concerts, where it is difficult to know who is vaccinated and who is not. : ,

Tuesday’s guide includes a color-coded chart showing what fully-vaccinated, unvaccinated people can do inside, outside, and without masks. The safest activities highlighted in green are outside during small gatherings. The most at-risk activities are indoor areas, which include behaviors such as singing, shouting, heavy breathing, inability to wear a mask, or inability to maintain physical distance, such as indoor high-intensity exercise classes.

Almost 96 million fully vaccinated Americans can now give up masks for many outdoor activities, including:

– Walking, running, hiking or cycling outdoors alone or with family members

– Attend a small outdoor gathering with fully vaccinated family և friends

– Participate in a small outdoor gathering with a mixture of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people

– Working in an open-air restaurant with many household friends

Officials say some factors increase the risk. Crowding, time spent, lack of ventilation բարձր High community transmission. This is why the CDC says it is safest for fully vaccinated people to continue wearing well-fitting masks in these settings, including:

– Participate in a variety of outdoor activities, such as a live performance, parade or sporting event

– Visit to a hairdresser or hairdresser

– Visiting an irreplaceable closed shopping center or museum

– I’m going to a closed cinema

– Attending a full-time service at the house of worship

– We sing in a closed choir

“Today’s examples show that when you are fully vaccinated, you can safely return to many activities. “They are starting to return to normal,” Valensky said. “And the more vaccinated people there are, the more steps we can take to spend time with loved ones doing the things we love to do. I hope this post is reassuring for you. “It just shows how powerful these vaccines are.”

The agency also gave instructions on the work, quarantine and testing of fully vaccinated people. Fully vaccinated workers no longer need to be quarantined after exposure as long as they have no symptoms. And fully vaccinated people, without symptoms or known effects, can get rid of the usual screening tests. A huge change for the schools that are trying to plan the reopening of the summer school in the fall.

Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, welcomed the CDC’s action after saying the accumulated evidence showed a low risk of external transmission.

“Virus particles are effectively dispersed in the outside air,” he said in an e-mail, citing numerous studies, including one in Wuhan, China, which found that one in 7,324 cases of infection was related to external transmission.

Gandhi noted that the World Health Organization says the masks are not needed outside as long as it is not possible to maintain the physical distance, which the agency sets at about three feet.

Others noted that providing incentives for public health officials could be a “great strategy to encourage those on the fence.”

“Since the days of HIV, public health reports that focus not on the positive but on the positive have been shown to be more effective, so the CDC guidelines that vaccinated people do not have to face outside, hopefully “They will help persuade some vaccines to get the vaccine in the United States,” Gandhi said.

The CDC guidelines state that there is limited data on vaccine protection for immunocompromised individuals. It urges people taking immunosuppressive drugs to discuss the need for personal protective measures with their healthcare providers, even if they are fully vaccinated.

– – –

Even before the CDC announcement, some states moved to soften the mask mandates. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshar, a Democrat, on Monday cleared less than 1,000 groups of people outside without masks. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, said Tuesday that his state rules, which require masks outside, expire on Friday, except when social distance is impossible.

The issue has recently become more politically charged as conservative media figures have used their platforms via online լ cable news to turn the rules of outside coverage. Fox News host Tucker Carlson urged viewers this week to contact child protection services to find out about parents of children wearing masks outside.

“Your response when you see children playing with masks should not be different from your response when you see someone beating a child at Walmart,” he said during his show, which is one of the most watched on cable. և regularly draws 3 million viewers. “Immediately call the police, contact the child protection service. Keep calling until someone arrives. ”

Molly Hemingway, The Conservative Editor-in-Chief of The Federalist, responded to his instructions on Tuesday morning. He even wrote in his tweets. “Even if you’re a fan of outdoor masks at this late hour, despite the complete lack of scientific support, I think we can all agree that masking children outside is at least insulting, right?”

The comments show how the face mask, which was ignored by President Donald Trump, has remained as a marker of political identity for more than a year.

– – –

This report was contributed by Washington Post’s Isaac Stanley-Becker և Ben Guarino.

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