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Freshmen say that women need to be able to orient themselves more quickly

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Talented freshmen Paige Bookers and Caitlin Clark will not mind joining the WNBA project this year.

There is no չկա choice for female players as the league’s long-term jurisdiction rules for the project have not really been a major part of the WNBA collective bargaining negotiations.

“I believe in living now, I do not have that choice now,” said Bookers, a UConn phenomenon who was named a freshman on Wednesday by the Associated Press. “I’m focused on college now. In the future, I feel that this may be an option for future college students. ”

The WNBA Players’ Union has been thinking about that.

Sue Bird, who sits on the executive board of the WNBA Players’ Union, said earlier this week that the issue was discussed at a brief meeting with the League last year, but to resolve many issues, it has not been reviewed by the current CB. until 2027.

“It was not a priority at the moment,” Byrd said. “I think the interesting thing about this conversation is that I think players always have to have a choice. “Players must always have a choice.”

WNBA Commissioner Katie Engelbert has said since she took office that this is a player’s first league, and if there is an issue that is important to the players, she will listen.

That’s good, because the talk started with Bookers և Clark probably going to a high-level election this year, maybe even 1-2, if they could say they were in favor.

Clark, who has led the NCAA this season by scoring a goal and making a second pass, believes that women should have the same right to become players as men after freshmen.

“Boys have it, why can’t they also have a women’s game?” said the Iowa freshman. “It’s not something I’ve thought about much, because it has never been something for women.”

The Draft Jurisdiction has been in place since the WNBA in 1997.

American-born players must either be graduating or on track to complete the year of conscription to qualify. They would also be eligible if they turned 22 in the project year or dropped out of high school for four years, waiving the rest of the NCAA’s authority.

At the beginning of the last decade, there were only a few non-senior college players entering the project.

International players are allowed to enlist at the age of 20, but they usually play abroad professionally from a young age.

Diana Tauras agrees with Bird that having a key option.

“I think the next step is to have a choice,” Taurasin said. “Will the children do that?” Probably not. We should have that option. If you are the best in your profession, you must be able to become better. ”

Bueckers’ best friend Ale Alain Suggs, Gonzaga, a top freshman in the NCAA Men’s Tournament, will become an NBA draft if he becomes a supporter, while the Bueckers return to Connecticut.

“Two kids in the same neighborhood, the same background, the same thing going to school 3,000 miles away 3000 their paths are 3,000 miles different,” said UConn coach Gen Eno Auriema. “One will have the opportunity to choose 1-2-3 points in the NBA project – to earn millions of millions of dollars. The other will return to UConn.

“Should he be able to go? Is there a choice?” If the WNBA and the players say yes, he should say yes. At the moment, the answer is no. “

Auriema said she would support female players who have the opportunity to orient themselves early, but admitted that she likes the answer to no.

“It simply came to our notice then. “The fact that these children stay in school a little longer,” Auriemma said. “Let them build a brand for themselves, build a brand for the university.”


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