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French medical drama director Dons Scrubber for fighting viruses

PARI (AP) – Sometimes, at best, life affects art, and art affects life.

In March 2020, Thomas Lilt directed a critically acclaimed French television medical drama about the plight of French hospitals, which featured historical lines such as lack of resources, deadly diseases, doctors’ suicides, and mental health problems among hospital staff.

When the epidemic hit began, Lilty realized that the world did not need drama to tell that story. It was happening around him.

The creator of the hit drama “Hippocrates” on Canal +, who was a former doctor, was so moved by the urgency of the epidemic that he could not just stand back. He put the bushes back.

Lilty, who writes and directs a TV show named after the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, was hospitalized last year after his second season was suspended due to a blockade by the French coronavirus.

“As a doctor, I just humbly tried to get my hands on my knowledge and return to the hospital after eight years of not practicing. “Just trying to improve things,” he said.

With more than 102,000 deaths from the virus, France has one of the worst mortality rates in Europe, after Britain, Italy and Russia.

Closing the studio, Lilt moved some of the multimillion-dollar decor of the complex, including materials such as real stretchers, trolleybuses, infusion booths, a real French hospital, which was in the background of the epidemic. Robert Ballanger Hospital, Aulnay-Sous, Boise, Paris.

“We provided all our medical equipment used for the shooting to the hospital’s emergency services in an effort to help them,” he said.

After that, he worked for about a month at Robert Balanger Hospital, helping patients clear medical records, using the skills they had acquired before becoming a writer and director. A few weeks later, he had to retire due to the lack of insurance for modern doctors.

But the experience will affect him in many ways,: on French television. He used the drama of returning to work to rewrite the second season of the series.

“For me, this confrontation between fantasy and reality was a really powerful experience, very moving,” he said. “(The series) is deeply marked by this adventure.”

The second season of “Hippocrates” airs in France on Canal + this month.


Adamson reported from Leeds, England



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