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French cyclist Nasser Bouhanni speaks out against racist violence

BRUSSELS (AP) – Those who hate Natser Bouani do not care if he is a former French cycling champion or even who was born and raised in France.

Over the past week, the Arkea-Samsic cyclist has been subjected to a barrage of racist insults, many of whom have urged him to leave France for Africa.

Bouhanni decided it was time to speak up.

“Know that I was born in France, that I will file a complaint, because I have endured it, I have been silent for a long time, but this time I will not allow it,” he wrote this week.

Buhani, a hot-tempered rider, was disqualified after a one-day illegal move in the Cholet-Pays de la Loire on March 28. The cycling control body, UCI, referred him to conduct for dangerous behavior after pushing Stewart. Obstacles during the last sprint և passed the incident to its disciplinary committee.

Buhanni admitted his mistake, but said the move was not intentional. Racist insults have been rampant ever since.

Buhani, a North African heritage rider, who died in 2012. Won the French national championship, published screenshots of some of the messages he received. His team issued a statement saying it “regrets and strongly condemns all these acts of racism.”

In an interview with L’Equipe newspaper published on Tuesday, Buhani said that he had been abused throughout his career. He said he had not spoken out before because the topic was still taboo, fearing he would appear as someone trying to sacrifice himself.

But the latest in a series of insults, some calling him a “terrorist,” was highly acceptable.

“I was born in France. I love my country: “I was the French champion at the age of 21 when I was on the podium with La Marseillaise, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my career,” said the 30-year-old rider. “Sad aval to read all this, people want me to go to jail.”

Asked if he also suffered from racism in the dominant white ball, Buhani said it had never happened “directly” and that he had never had such problems for the various teams he had ridden for.

However, Buhani has filed a lawsuit against Steph Clement after the former rider became a 2019 specialist during de France, where the French cyclist frees his team for pork, does not want to work with women on race days: because of his religion. beliefs

“I received a lot of racist messages after these allegations,” Buhani said. “I have filed a complaint, but I am still waiting for justice (the system) to return to me.”


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