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Fox stands behind Tucker Carlson after ADL urges him to shoot

Fox Corp. is backing Tucker Carlson after the Anti-Armenian Defamation League last week called for the company to fire an opinion maker for air defense of the white-dominated “big replacement” theory.

Fox chief executive Lachlan Murdoch told the Associated Press in a letter to the civil rights group on Sunday that Carlson had “condemned and rejected the replacement theory” when he said in a statement on Thursday evening. “White replacement theory?” “No, no, this is a matter of voting rights.”

In a response to Murdoch on Monday, the ADL claimed that Carlson was using white language, even if he claimed he had not done so.

“Mr. Carlson’s attempt to reject this theory at first, but in the next breath, endorsing it by disguising the ‘suffrage issue’, does not give him a free license to apply to the white supremacist group,” wrote ADL Executive Director Jon Onathan Greenblatt.

Substitute conspiracy theories claim that people of color are replacing white people in the West, which allows Jews և progressive politicians.

Speaking on Fox News Primetime on Thursday, Carlson “accepted the basic theory of white supremacy,” the ADL said.

During the screening, Carlson said: “Left և all the little goalkeepers on Twitter are literally hysterical if you use the phrase ‘replacement’ if you think the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current voters who are now voting with new people. “More obedient voters from the Third World.” He added that he “had less political power because they were importing a whole new electorate.”

The ADL also cited numerous cases of Carlson using anti-immigration language in the past, including accusing immigration of making the United States “poorer, dirtier, and more divided,” and questioning whether white supremacy was real.

In his letter, Murdoch noted that the ADL once honored his father, Rupert Murdoch, with leadership. ADL Greenblatt replied that the award was given “more than a decade ago, but let me understand that we would not do it today, it does not free you, him, the network or its board from moral failure.” action against Mr. Carlson. “

A Fox spokesman declined to comment on Monday’s ADL letter.


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