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For many Seattle elementary school students, Monday marks the first day they return to school in person.

It’s school time in Seattle. In spring.

The first of two terms for Governor Aye Insley to offer individual school district instruction goes into effect on Monday. For areas like Seattle, this will mark the day when many Seattle elementary school teachers begin meeting their students for the first time.

Last Friday at Ballard Loyal Heights Elementary School, school staff struck a blow at buildings, classrooms, talking to each other like theater workers preparing for a stage in front of a large stage. Late in the afternoon, outside the entrance, a crowd of parents and children stood around, waiting for student portraits.

“We will have more people than we expected,” said Laurent Molloy-John Onson, a teacher assistant, to his colleagues who marked the Xs on a cement strip near the playground to indicate where students should stand and meet with their teachers. ,

Loyal Kindergarten teacher Kelsey Acks Exxon was placing picture books on a small shelf in front of her classroom, where she was decorating the walls with handmade pink and blue paper flowers.

He is ready to teach in person, noting that he is not a “virtual person”. She sent parents text, phone calls to help alleviate their concerns, and answers questions about how the school would fare. His students, except for one, will return in person.

“I want to teach them how to love school,” said Acks Exxon. He plans to tell the story he wrote to his students on the first day. It’s about “the class is family, the school is different now, it’s normal.”

More than a week ago, about 58% of primary school households surveyed in the district after a school brawl to respond to a reopening deal approved by the district և teachers’ union said their children would be back in half a day. :

Tens of thousands of families have chosen to have their students study remotely for the rest of the year. Some make choices for safety reasons, some for health reasons, some for logistical reasons. The district does not provide yellow bus transportation for all students who normally qualify accordingly, creating a barrier for working parents. And even for parents who could take their children for a walk, many say that the short class time is not worth eradicating the schedule at the end of the year, especially when they have found other childcare activities.

“At the moment I can not develop this well,” said Shauna Robinson, a parent of three living in South Seattle. Her two children are registered as childcare providers. “If it was new, if it was September, it would be something else. “But I do not want the children to return to the gym if it is only two hours here and there,” he said, adding that he was not aware of any additional safety protocols that had previously been used to transport children to the district.

Loyal Heights has been open to some students with disabilities for months, with many teachers using their classrooms to teach remotely.

The school, where 7.9% of students have incomes from low-income students, has a large number of students who return to personalized education. 87% of the 460 students preferred a 2-hour, 45-minute course four times a week.

Brandon Vagsland, a fourth-grade teacher, said he planned some activities to build a community in his classroom, and then “give” grades to get a better idea of ​​where they are in math. By the end of the year, he wants students to master the factions to know how to write five paragraphs.

There has been a stir over the past week to adjust the lessons to a new schedule that divides students into afternoon and morning groups. But he said he really wanted to see the students without deviations.

“I used to talk in my class about things we would not miss, and when one of the kids talks, he gets off the phone,” Wagsland said with a laugh.

It is a strange feeling for students to do all this preparatory work for students in the spring, ”said school principal Michael Berkenwald.

But, according to him, some parts, according to his predictions, will still feel the same. Children’s excitement tearful farewell to kindergartens և their parents և.



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