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Foden’s “Are you ready?” Post to Mbappe on Twitter

MANCHESTER, England (AP) – A Twitter post after a Champions League match between top players backfired, highlighting the dangers of sports stars transferring their social media accounts to third parties.

After scoring a goal that sealed Manchester City’s semi-final progress, Phil Foden threw a glove at Paris Saint-Germain superstar Killian Mbabane.

“Are you ready?” Reads Foden’s Twitter post to Mbabane to Mbabane in City’s game against PSI.

It was later deleted, as if Foden’s social media account management company, along with other leading players, had ended its partnership with the City player.

Tele Amer reported the Daily Telegraph that Foden had split from Ten Toes Media, and the company posted a statement on Twitter on Friday saying it was “sorry for the current situation.”

“Phil Foden is a special person, a footballer, we wish him all the best,” the statement said.

Ten Toes Media did not respond to letters and calls from The Associated Press about the situation.

Without referring directly to Foden, the company, whose clients include England international Harry Kane, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jun Unior, said it had always had a process that “requires all posts to be approved in advance”. »By athletes. it is headed by or their representatives.

“No exceptions,” it says. “They have always been confirmed. That is true for 4 years, it is still true today. “

Foden has almost 500,000 followers on Twitter. Mbappe has almost 6 million.


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