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Finally, Oladipo got a chance to play Heath

MIAMI (AP) – Victor Oladipo was knocked out of the first round of the playoffs by Miami last season, and when that series ended, he had no doubt that the Heat would reach the NBA Finals.

He was right.

And now he has the opportunity to help them push for the playoffs this season.

Oladipo was an off-season resident of Miami, and now, finally, he is a seasonal resident. He made his debut on Thursday night, helping Miami overcome the 0.500 mark by defeating the Golden State Warriors 116-109.

“He’s a veteran, he’s played in good programs for good teams, so he knows how to fit in,” said heat coach Eric Spoelstra. “I think I am defensive, it is very natural, it is useful. And offensive, he gives us that landing attack, another guy who can make plays, another guy who can put pressure on the opposing defenders of the paint. ”

It fits in long overdue.

Oladipo is close to Miami legend Dwayne Wade. Oladipo was playing in Indiana with Tom Crian, Wade’s coach at Market, և that’s just one hint that this coup was inevitable. Oladipo trains in Miami, անունը his name always seems to be associated with the heat of the trade or free agents,, above all, he sees himself as fit for the heat.

The word they use in Miami is “culture.” Spoelstra often says that this is not for everyone. Oladipo wanted to be a part of it.

“I come from high cultural basketball. “From DeMatha Catholic High School, Indiana University, I’m on the heat right now,” Oladipo said. “It’s a culture. It’s a way of life է playing for something bigger than yourself. It is a sacrifice, it wins at the final level. I’m used to it. That’s what I flourish in.

“I want to be a part of it, to walk around in that locker room every day, to watch those championships, to walk around and see what a victory looks like, it will help me to be a better player, to be a better person, to help me. help this team win at the highest level. “

That: he had already tasted that culture from the training he used with Wade. With the three-time NBA champion Heath, he did not think to share secrets and advice with Oladipo, who absorbed every word.

Last week, Oladipo arrived in Miami on a business deadline, they added. Twice this season, all-star, 21-pointers, one each leaving the All-NBA status for just three years, replacing Houston in exchange for Kelly Olnick, Avery Bradley 20 in 2022.

“It gives them another presence of defense, another goal option,” said Golden State goalkeeper Steven Carey. “It’s a good pickup for a good team. “Obviously they are defending the champions of the Archelian Conference. They have gotten better. I am sure he will enjoy his time here playing with the guys he plays with.”

Last year, Oladipo did not enjoy playing against them when he և the Indiana Pacers endured the sweep of the first round.

But even then he knew the potential. And now that he’s in Miami, he wants to see if the next deep post-season Heat run can happen.

“I felt how they clicked, what they did there, I felt it,” Oladipo said. “I felt something special there. So being a part of this group right now is a blessing in disguise. ”


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