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Filming և Music serenade at the NYC Vaccine Center

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NEW YORK (AP) – Hundreds of newly vaccinated New Yorkers greeted the voices of Vivaldi, Mozart և Bach last weekend as they entered a medical observation area at one of the city’s largest COVID-19 vaccination sites, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Listening to the music, many stopped to watch the live video of the five-stage piano ensemble.

For people on the path to coronavirus immunity, living live music in the same area that served as a field hospital at the height of the epidemic was a good omen for a day of hope.

For some musicians, it was more than that.

Pianist Barbara Podgurski says her last public appearance at the vaccination site was her first public appearance since the city was hit by an epidemic last spring.

“There were three months when I did not play the piano because I felt hopeless,” he said. “The response … I have not heard for a year. You realize how much people need music in their lives to feel beauty և magic. It gives them hope. ”

The music is part of a daily, two-hour midnight concert in collaboration with the nonprofit group Sing for Hope, violinist Victoria Patterson, who founded her nonprofit Music: Medicine.

Patterson said many of his colleagues have been out of music since the city’s music scene closed last spring.

The musicians who perform at its avits center are paid to play. There is a jar of tea, but the investment goes to Sing for Hope so that the music can continue.

“We can’t be a family basketball player at this stage of our careers,” Patterson said.

Podgursky, who is also a professor of music at New York City University, says the live entertainment scene in the city is still largely closed, and any paid work is highly welcome. According to him, some friends had to sell their favorite tools to pay their bills.

Another recent Jav Avits concert was performed by violinist Katie Cresek, co-chair of the Broadway musical Moulin Rouge, nominated by Concertmaster Tony.

Prior to the outbreak, he had a busy schedule, including appearances in New Zealand and Australia. But after the epidemic hit, “in two weeks, all my bookings for the following year were canceled.”

Referring to playing in the vaccination center, Cresek said. “Emotionally, I felt I was contributing to this tremendous effort. I was very happy to help.

The music was appreciated by people who came to get vaccinated.

“We’ve all had so much loss over the last year,” said et Annette Heath, who met the musicians after her filming. “It is very emotional to come here to be vaccinated for something that was not available when my father was SICK. It is not only great for art to have musicians, but also for calming and uplifting. ”

Azmatullah Husseini, a medical contractor at Jav Avits, said he thought it helped keep people from being shot.

“This last year has been a very stressful environment, people are suffering from mental health,” he said. “But this environment for getting vaccines is full of hope, because this is the way to end the epidemic.”


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