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Facebook is moving to reject federal, state antitrust lawsuits

Facebook has asked the court to dismiss state-federal antitrust lawsuits accusing it of abusing its market power on the social network to defeat smaller competitors.

The social media giant said on Wednesday that the complaints “do not claim for sure” that its behavior harmed either consumers or market competition.

Antitrust lawsuits filed by the Federal Trade Commission և 48 states in December are seeking to redress measures that could include a forced spin on the popular social networking service Instagram և WhatsApp.

“As we said when the FTC and the Attorney Generals filed these lawsuits, people around the world are using our products not because they have to, but because we make their lives better.” – says in the announcement of Facebook.

The FTC lawsuit alleges that Facebook introduced a “systematic strategy” to eliminate its competition, including acquiring smaller and newer competitors such as Instagram in 2012. And WhatsApp in 2014 Responding to this sentiment, Facebook said it “used its monopoly power to crush small competitors, to beat competition at the expense of everyday users.”

The FTC and the New York Attorney General’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The big tech companies are facing a growing backlash from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle over the past decade that they have accumulated over the past decade. It is unlikely that the pressure will ease. President Biden has said that the break-up of the tech giants should be taken seriously.

Lawmakers and consumer advocates accuse Facebook of anti-competitive behavior, most notably copying competitors Instagram և to buy small competitors like WhatsApp.

Critics point out that such a tactic undermines competition and may limit viable alternatives for consumers looking for, for example, comparable services that are less likely to be targeted for targeted advertising. Businesses, including mom’s pop stores, may have to pay more for advertising if they have less choice to get consumers online.

Litigation can take years.


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