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Facebook և Amazon outperforms other corporate giants in lobbying costs

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Facebook և Amazon.com has become the largest corporate lobbyist in Washington over the past two years, surpassing defense contractors and telecommunications companies, according to a new report by the Consumer Protection Advocacy Group.

Facebook grew by 56% from 2018 to 2020, reaching $ 19.7 million, while Amazon spent 30% more to reach $ 18.7 million. The increases push them to companies such as Comcast, which spent $ 14.4 million last year, and Lockheed Martin, which invested nearly $ 13 million, according to a Public Citizen report. The figures were based on data provided by the Center for Responsible Policy, which traces lobbying activities.

“Big Tech companies are influenced by their lobbying teams, which use campaign investments, existing relationships, and past experience to pursue policies in their favor,” reads a report by citizen Jane Eun Chung. “While there aren’t even the top eight spenders in 2017, Facebook and Amazon are now the two biggest lobbyists.”

The tech giants have increased their spending as they find themselves under unprecedented antitrust control in Washington. Facebook և Google has sued the Trump administration over allegations of antitrust laws, while a House of Representatives led by Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilin has come up with proposals to amend antitrust laws that could curb their power.

Nearly all lawmakers who oversee privacy 94 antitrust issues – 94% – have received money from the Corporate Policy Committee or a lobbyist representing a major technology company, the report added. In 2020, lawmakers received an investment of about $ 3.2 million.

The data used does not contain figures for trade groups or federations representing multiple enterprises.

According to the report, the four largest technology companies – Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Alphabet – have hired 40 lobbyists in two years.

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