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Explanatory. Why is “excited delusion” quoted in Shovin’s trial?

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The lawyer for the former Minneapolis police officer in the trial of Floyd’s death on Tuesday reconsidered the controversial idea of ​​a raging delusion in an attempt to show that Derek Shavin’s strength was objectively reasonable given Floyd’s resistance.

Shavin, 45, a white man, is charged with murder. Smort Floyd, 46, was arrested near a neighboring market on May 25 on charges of trying to obtain a counterfeit $ 20 bill. The panicked Floyd struggled, claiming to be claustrophobic as police tried to put him in a platoon car. Shaw then kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for 9 1/2 minutes while Floyd was nailed to the sidewalk, even after he stopped resisting.

New Officer Thomas Lane at the scene can be heard in the video of the body camera, when the police hold Floyd down, asking if Floyd can have a delirium.


The issue was raised again on Tuesday when defense attorney Eric Nelson recalled Minneapolis Police Officer Nicole Mackenzie, who is training other officers in medical care, and had previously testified before prosecutors.

McCain told the jury that the new officers were being told how to recognize the signs of a delirium. According to him, the suspects may be incomparable, have sweat or suffer from abnormal body temperature or seem to be suddenly torn apart. They are being taught that cardiovascular disease, drug abuse or mental illness can cause emotional delirium, he says.

But McCain told the jury that it would be up to the ambulance doctor to diagnose the condition. He also testified that he only provides training on recruited delusions to recruits. Judge Peter Cahill warned jurors that there was no evidence that veteran Shavin had been trained.


The key question in Chowin’s trial is whether he used reasonable force to tie Floyd to the sidewalk for 9 minutes and 29 seconds when Floyd was handcuffed to his stomach, complaining that he could not breathe. Minneapolis Police Department officials testified earlier that he did not do that. That Floyd was in control, so the force had to end quickly.

Nelson stressed that Floyd was older than Shavin, and suggested that people could be in danger even with handcuffs, that handcuffs could fail. He also suggested that Shovin was rightly concerned about angry viewers. Barry Brod, a former California Santa Rosa police officer, testified Tuesday that Shavin was acquitted of throwing Floyd to the ground because of his fierce resistance.


Some medical researchers in recent decades have attributed the deaths in prison to emotional delirium, often in cases where a person became extremely irritable after using drugs, having a mental health episode or other health problem. But there is no universally accepted definition, and researchers say it is not well understood.

The American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual does not mention this condition; a study conducted last year concluded that it is usually cited only when the deceased was restrained.

At the start of the trial, Dr. Bill Smoke, a forensic pathologist who works as a police surgeon at the Louisville Kentucky Subway Police Department and a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Louisville, testified that the delusions were real. But he said Floyd did not meet any of the 10 criteria developed by the American College of Emergency Physicians. At least six signs are needed for a diagnosis, he said.

A medical researcher in New York concluded that Daniel Proude was in a state of delirium in 2020 when police in Rochester put a hat on his head and pressed his naked body to the sidewalk. Black Prude lost consciousness and died. Attorney General Leticia James Ames released a report suggesting that officers be trained to recognize the symptoms of agitated delirium.

In 2019, Elijah McClain, a black man strangled by officers in Aurora, Colorado, was injected with ketamine after first responders said he was experiencing a delirium. He lost the support of life and then died.


Find the full AP coverage of Floyd’s death here: https://apnews.com/hub/death-of-george-floyd



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