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Explanatory. Why does Gaza almost always face conflicts?

GAA KA CITY CITY, Gaza Strip (Gaza Strip) – Hundreds of Israeli strikes by sea, land and air hit the Gaza Strip this week, and Hamas militant leaders fired hundreds of rockets at Israel.

This is the fourth phase of the major conflict between Israel and Hamas since 2008, in which more than 2 million Palestinians living in a small enclave bear the brunt of death and devastation.

The latest eruption of violence has raised the specter of another devastating war, once again drawing international attention to a poor, densely populated area.

This is the Gaza Strip և its place in the Middle East conflict.


The length of Gaza between Israel and Egypt is only 25 kilometers (40 kilometers) and the width is six miles (10 kilometers). It was part of the British-led Palestinian Authority before the 1948 Israeli-led war, when it came under Egyptian control.

Large numbers of Palestinians who fled or were expelled from present-day Israel have found themselves in Gaza, and the refugees and their descendants now number 1.4 million, more than half of Gaza’s population.

Israel captured Gaza, on the West Bank, east of Jerusalem, in 1967. In the war in the Middle East. The Palestinians want all three territories to be their future state.

The first Palestinian intifada or uprising erupted in Gaza in 1987 – the same year Hamas was founded – and later spread to other occupied territories. The Oslo peace process in the 1990s reaffirmed Palestinian autonomy, limited autonomy in Gaza, and the occupation of the Jordan River.


Hamas has passed

Israel withdrew its troops from Jewish settlements in Gaza in 2005 after a second, much more violent intifada.

The following year, Hamas won a landslide victory in the Palestinian elections. It marked the beginning of a power struggle between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah’s party, which ended in a week of clashes in 2007 that left Hamas in control of Gaza.

Hamas has done little to establish an Islamic law on Gaza that was already too conservative. But it showed no tolerance for dissent, arrested political opponents, and violently suppressed rare protests against its rule.

The Ant group was firmly led by the պատերազմ 14-year blockade of three wars.



Israel and Egypt imposed a distorting blockade after the capture of Hamas. Israel says this is necessary to prevent Hamas and other militant groups from importing weapons. Human rights groups say the blockade is a form of collective punishment.

The closures, along with years of misinformation and a long-running dispute with Hamas over Palestinian Authority, have devastated Gaza’s economy. Unemployment is around 50%, frequent power outages are frequent, and tap water is poorly polluted.

Palestinians face severe restrictions on movement, making it difficult to travel abroad for work, study or family, and Gaza is often referred to as the world’s largest open-air prison.



Hamas և Israel participated in three wars և several small battles. The worst so far was the war of 2014, which in 50 days killed about 2,200 Palestinians, more than half of whom were civilians. Seventy-three people were killed by the Israeli side.

Israeli airstrikes և The invasions of Gaza have wreaked havoc, leaving entire neighborhoods in ruins and forcing thousands to flee to UN schools and other facilities. Israel says it is making every effort to avoid civilian casualties, accusing Hamas of using the beasts as human shields.

Palestinian militants have fired thousands of rockets at Israel. Most of the Vasts are perceived by the Israeli missile defense system or land in open areas, but they sow widespread fear that they could lead to a deadlock. Their numbers have grown steadily in recent years, with some reaching as far as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, major capitals.

Earlier this year, the International Criminal Court (ICC) launched an investigation into possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories. It is expected to discuss the actions of both Israeli and Palestinian militants in the 2014 war.

The ICC also expressed concern about the recent violence.


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