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Explanatory. What is excited delusion?

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Attorney General George W. Floyd has raised the issue of delusional delusion as the testimony examines the use of reasonable force against Floyd.

Derek Shavin, 45, a white man, is charged with murder. Smort Floyd, 46, was arrested near a neighboring market on May 25 on charges of trying to obtain a counterfeit $ 20 bill. In a panic, Floyd broke down and claimed to be claustrophobic when police tried to put him in a platoon car.

Another officer at the scene, Thomas Lane, was heard on video of the body camera as police held Floyd, asking if Floyd could have a delirium.


It happened on Tuesday when Minneapolis police officer Nicole Mackenzie, who trains other medical officers, testified about the persecution. Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, asked Mackenzie to identify the delusions, to explain how the officers were going to recognize him, and to respond.

McKenzie described it as a combination of “psychomotor emotions, psychosis, hypothermia, and a number of other things you may see in a person or rather strange behavior.”

When questioned by Nelson, Mackenzie agreed that people who “show something like an excited delirium” often used drugs. He also agreed that someone living in that condition could have “superhuman strength.”

On Thursday, Dr. Bill Smoke, a forensic pathologist working for the Louisville, Kentucky, Metropolitan Police Department as a police surgeon and professor of emergency medicine at the University of Louisville, testified that the delusion was real. But he said Floyd did not meet any of the 10 criteria developed by the American College of Emergency Physicians. At least six signs are needed for a diagnosis, he said.

“How many people have you seen?” asked Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell.

“Click,” Smoky replied.


The key question in Chowin’s trial is whether he used reasonable force to tie Floyd to the sidewalk for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. The officials of the police department testified that he did not do that. Floyd was in control, that force had to end quickly.

Nelson stressed that Floyd was larger than Shavin, and suggested that people could be in danger even with handcuffs, that handcuffs could fail.


Some convicts in recent decades have attributed the deaths in prison to emotional delusions, often in cases where the person became extremely irritable after using drugs, having a mental health episode or health problem. But there is no universally accepted definition, and researchers say it is not well understood.

The American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual does not mention this, and a study last year concluded that it was usually cited only when the deceased was restrained.

A medical researcher in New York concluded that Daniel Proude was in a state of delirium in 2020 when police in Rochester put a hat on his head and pressed his naked body to the sidewalk. Black Prude lost consciousness and died. Attorney General Leticia James Ames released a report suggesting that officers be trained to recognize the symptoms of agitated delirium.

In 2019, Elijah McClain, a black man strangled by officers in the state of Aurora, Colorado, was injected with ketamine after the first respondents said he was experiencing a delirium. He lost the support of life and then died.


Find the full AP coverage of Floyd’s death here: https://apnews.com/hub/death-of-george-floyd



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