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Explanatory. The Tokyo Olympics are held without fans from abroad

TOKYO (AP) – The Tokyo Olympics and the International Olympic Committee have banned fans from traveling abroad for four months. It’s part of the aftermath of the Olympics.

IOC President Thomas Bach said on Saturday that he was “sorry” when the decision was announced. In fact, for the IOC, just like any other sports business that relies on the sale of broadcasting rights, it is important to watch the Olympics on television. Broadcasting rights accounted for 73% of the IOC’s revenue in the last four-year Olympic cycle. That broadcast revenue is about $ 4 billion, and the American NBC network pays about half.

The IOC must involve 11,000 athletes in the field of view. ” Residents of Japanese Aponia will fill the stands to any level allowed. The decision on local capacity will come next month.

But banning fans from abroad has done a lot of damage – many questions.


Tickets for fans from abroad are sold by so-called “authorized ticket resellers” scattered around the world. They are usually appointed by the National Olympic Committees and work as mediators. They are allowed to pay up to 20% on ticket service. They also sell deals on expensive packages, including hotels.

The actual ticket price will probably be refunded, although the schedule is anyone’s guess. Payments may be more difficult to recover.

Toshiro Muto, executive director of the Tokyo Organizing Committee, has already stated that his body is not responsible for the return of flights to hotels or airlines.

Mutton said 600,000 airport tickets had been sold to fans of the plane. This is pale compared to the 4.45 million sold to Japan’s Aponia population. The organizer said that 7.8 million tickets will be available when ticket sales start a few years ago.

Mouto seems to have ruled out fans who can get tickets from sponsors.

“If they are part of the operation of the games, if they are to some extent involved in the operation, there is still a chance that they will be able to enter Japan aponia,” Muto said. “But only as spectators of games, no, they will not be allowed to enter.”


Ticket sales were supposed to generate $ 800 million in revenue for a privately funded operating budget, the third largest source of revenue after local sponsors Օ IOC investments.

Any deficiency must be compensated by the Japanese institutions of Japanese aponia.

This puts a heavy burden on Japanese taxpayers. The total value of the games is officially $ 15.4 billion, which is the largest recorded according to a study by Oxford University. Several inspections by the Japanese aponia government suggest that the price could be doubled. All but $ 6.7 billion.


Japan has attributed more than 9,000 deaths to COVID-19 և The epidemic has done better than many countries of its size. The state of emergency was lifted on Sunday in three adjacent prefectures in Tokyo. It is expected that business will start growing again, but the hope is to avoid the big leap, the public concern. In the last few days, about 400 new cases have been registered in Tokyo.

The spread of vaccines in Japan is slow. Relatively few local spectators are expected to be vaccinated when the Olympics open on July 23. 11,000 Olympic և 4440 Paralympic athletes will not need a vaccine to enter aponia. But the IOC encourages as many vaccines as possible. It also does not want young athletes to be pushed into the ranks ahead of the elderly, other vulnerable populations.

Athletes will have to take the COVID-19 test before leaving home. They need to be re-tested as soon as they arrive, often in the athlete’s village, venue, or training area. All this will work like a bubble. Athletes are told to leave Japan Aponia as soon as their competition is over.


Several polls show that 80% of Japanese in Aponia want the Olympics to be canceled or postponed again. IOC և Local organizers need to turn public opinion. Two scandals in the last few weeks have not helped. Organizing committee chairman Yoshiro Mori was forced to resign after making derogatory comments about women.

Last week, creative director Hiroshi Sasaki resigned after saying a woman, a “large” celebrity, should appear at the opening ceremony dressed as an “Olympic” pig.

Almost forgotten is the vote-buying scandal two years ago, which forcibly ousted the president of the Japanese Aponia Olympic Committee, Tsunakazu Takeda. Takeda denied any wrongdoing and renounced the IOC. Takeda signed the payments, which French investigators say were used to buy the votes of IOC members, when Tokyo elected the IOC in 2013, ahead of Istanbul և Madrid.


The terror relay opens on Thursday in Fukushima Northeastern Prefecture. It’s a huge test that starts four months before the opening ceremony. The relay is set for 121 days when 10,000 runners cross the aponia.

The awe-inspiring start will be closed to the public. Along the route, fans are asked to wear masks, social distance, if they are happy at all. The organizers reserve the right to stop the relay, send it or do everything possible to prevent it from becoming a mass distribution event. The relay started a year ago, but stopped almost immediately after the Olympic Games were postponed.


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