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EU-UK relations are experiencing a new decline over comments on the “vaccine ban”

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BRUSSELS (AP) – Relations between the European Union and Britain, which “recently withdrew from Britain”, fell sharply on Wednesday when the EU ambassador to London was summoned to comment on Britain’s ban on vaccine exports.

The United Kingdom was so outraged by European Council President Charles Michel’s comments on Tuesday that Britain had “completely banned the export of vaccines”, so it summoned the ambassador for a morning meeting.

A statement from the British government said, “It does not block the export of COVID-19 vaccine. “Any reference to the UK export ban or any restrictions on vaccines is completely false.”

The blast comes as Britain’s COVID-19 vaccine drive is seen as a huge success, while in the 27-nation bloc it was a major setback. The UK has vaccinated about 35% of its adults, while the EU is 9.5% behind.

Already troubled beds During the 47 years of Britain’s EU membership, the situation has been gradually deteriorating since the 2016 referendum, when the United Kingdom voted to leave the bloc. After fierce negotiations over the departure, the split became official last year, but the two sides then began fighting over a trade agreement.

The deal was struck on Christmas Eve, but has yet to be approved by the European Parliament. At the same time, both sides are vying for EU diplomatic status in London, as well as an import-export regime for both sides.

The EU is considering legal action against the UK over its breach of the Brexit divorce treaty. At the same time, Britain refused to grant full diplomatic status to the first EU ambassador to the country. London says the EU is more of an organization than a country.

The EU was quick to point out that the ambassador could not meet on Wednesday morning due to a dispute over his status. Instead, the EU sent a lower-level envoy.

However, Michelle refused to back down completely from her comments, arguing that any ban could take many forms. “Different ways to impose restrictions or restrictions on vaccines / drugs,” he tweeted. “I am pleased that the UK response is leading to greater transparency, increasing exports to third countries and the EU.”

Peter Liesen, a German member of the European Parliament and one of the main parliamentary experts on the issue, said on Wednesday that even if the United States had its ban, “it is worse in the UK because we know the AstraZeneca vaccine was transported from the mainland to the UK.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture at the Dessau IDT Biologika plant in Dessau. AstraZeneca has denied that it has siphoned vaccines intended for the EU in any other direction.


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