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EU Commissioner visits refugee facilities in Greece

ATHENS, Greece (AP) – The European Commissioner for Home Affairs is visiting asylum seekers in the eastern Greek islands of Samos and Lesbos amid continuing allegations of illegal extradition against Greece.

EU Commissioner Elva Johansson և Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarachis will meet with local officials on both islands on Monday, visit a new camp on Samos, and a camp in Lesbos, home to thousands of asylum seekers. Last year, the island’s famous Moria camp burned down.

Refugee rights organizations և Many asylum seekers accuse the Greek authorities of pushing them back at sea. Illegal deportation of newly arrived asylum seekers without giving them the opportunity to apply for asylum. Greek authorities have strongly denied the allegations, saying officials are committed to international law and human rights law.

Greek coastguards have been blamed for people trying to cross from nearby Turkey to Greece by ferry or, right after arriving on Greek islands, putting them on lifeboats or taking them to the sea border with Turkey. Before dismissing them, officials denied the allegations as false news: a propaganda campaign by the Turkish authorities.

In Samos, Johansson և Mitarach was taken to a new camp on the island, far from the main port city of Vati. Unlike the current camp, the new facility will be closed, which means that access to the camp will be restricted.

The current crowded camp on the outskirts of Vati has long since exceeded its capacity. More than 3,100 people currently live in the camp, which is built for a population of less than 650.

In Lesbos, the EU Commissioner աստանի Greek Minister for Migration will visit a new camp, which was hastily built due to a series of outbreaks after Moria burned last year. Greek authorities say they are deliberate by a group of Afghans angry over the blockade of the coronavirus.

In the former military shooting range, located on the seashore, the new camp consists of large tents, flooded with flood problems in winter. Residents complain about deteriorating sanitation and access to electricity, while human rights groups say the site suffers from lead pollution. Greek authorities say lead level tests have shown that they are acceptable in residential areas of the camp.


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