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Epula Hall, an Appalachian aid agency, has died at the age of 93

He got a job at a cannery in Rochester, New York.

He was arrested and charged with inciting riots. But the booking officer realized that he was smaller than he claimed and sent him back to Kentucky instead of imprisoning him. It was a trial run for the government to tell the truth, which it would do all its life.

Returning home, he found a household, preparing children, cleaning and caring, all without electricity, plumbing and refrigerators.

“Evla found solace in helping her relatives in difficult times,” wrote Mr. Batraju.

In 1944, she married her first husband, miner McKinley Hall. He was a heavy drinker who was more interested in making moonlight than in extracting coal, he physically abused him, according to his biography. Neighbors began to look at him, and he in turn began to follow them. He gradually became a local fixer for people in difficulty.

This included the urgent transfer of a very pregnant patient to several hospitals, all of whom diverted the woman because she did not have a primary care physician and could not pay. At the last hospital, Mrs. Hall shouted at the attending nurse and threatened to call a local newspaper if staff members did not help. They did, the birth went well, և Mrs. Hall then took the woman’s condition to a meeting of hospital officials, where she unleashed a diet on them, allowing people to suffer.

He read two influential books that strengthened his courage to speak. “Cumberland is coming at night. Biography of the Depressive Period “(1963), Harry Codill, Այլ” Other America “(1962), Michael Harrington. Both books were inspired by President Lyndon B. John Onson’s War on Poverty Հ Mrs. Hall.

He has participated in miners’ strikes across the region. He was elected president of the Kentucky Pulmonary Association and organized frequent bus trips to Washington, D.C., where he lobbied for better miners’ benefits and widow benefits. She was often the only woman at the table.


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