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Encouraging patients to support the Oxford AZ vaccine study. BreakingNationalNews Main Website:

Pharmacy teams are encouraged to encourage patients with the Oxford / AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine to participate in a vaccine safety study to ensure that any side effects are quickly recognized and acted upon.

How can pharmacy teams help?

Pharmacy teams are encouraged to display the study poster in their pharmacy, then highlight it for patients who know they have received the Oxford / AZ vaccine, and encourage them to participate.

Patients may register within 28 days of receiving the vaccine or they may register their interest in participating in the study before being vaccinated. Patients can register by visiting goto.dsru.org/covid or by calling 0800 619 6222.

Pharmacy team members may also register for the study if they have had an Oxford / AZ vaccine in the last 28 days, or they may register their interest in participating in the study before being vaccinated.

Study information:

The Southampton Department of Drug Safety Research (PSRS), an associate professor in the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at Portsmouth University, oversees vaccine safety by actively collecting near-real-time data from vaccine patients.

All participants will be required to have basic information about the vaccine and their health. After that, they will receive questionnaires with intervals of up to 18 months, which is provided by the study line. A random sample of participants will also be asked questions about their quality of life in the months following vaccination.

The DSRU research team will combine and review the information provided by participants to determine if any of the side effects observed in the study population are related to the vaccine. The team will provide monthly updates to the pharmaceutical manufacturer և Drug և Health Products Regulatory Authority. It will provide a summary of the study results on its website and publish the results in scientific journals.


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