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Emotions Opening Day քանի Some surprises in Match Play

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Rahon Ram և Patrick Cantley punched in the final hole to celebrate with the birds to win, which are the emotions typical of the finals. Every day on Dell Technologies Match Play can feel like Sunday.

In the opening round of the group games, 16 of the 32 games over 16 took place on Wednesday. Rory McIlry suffered his worst loss in 10 years – the best moments for newcomers to this volatile event.

It starts with Antoine Rose, a 28-year-old Parisian who only competed in this World Golf Championship just two weeks ago by winning the Qatar Masters and placing 60 feet of bird droppings in the last hole.

Approaching US Open champion Bryson Dechambo, the tree blocking the 54 yards separating him from the flag, Rosen hit a sharp blow that landed in the back of the pit. Taking a deep breath, the Frenchman came out on the field for a 2-point victory over Decambo.

“I think it’s one of those shots that you just have to go ahead and hit it,” Rosen said. “I found out that I hit that shot very well, I jumped super high on the trees. Super happy he was close because it put a lot of pressure on Bryson on the last chip. So, yes, very happy. “

Next was Bob McIntyre from Scotland, who threw two eagles on the last five holes – 2. With a 1 point victory over Kevin Nye. The second was in the 5th-16th dance, where MacIntyre fired a bunker shot to take control.

The pool of talent in golf is as deep as ever, it’s hard to call it a game of anxiety.

This does not mean that the players are not excited.

After 13 holes, Macilro was so frustrated that he refused to talk about his game for the second time in a row. The previous occasion was in 2019, when he lost to Tiger Woods in a knockout round over the weekend.

This loss was Pulterin who did so much. 7 irons from a dangerous pin to 8 feet in No. 9, 4 irons from 247 yards to 7 feet for an eagle in Part 5, which McIlroy could not allow us to make many mistakes. And he did a lot.

In No. 5, McIlry found water on the pit, without the danger of water. His driver jumped from the path, over the fence and entered the pool of the house. He had 12 feet of bird to gain a hole, and three to lose. And the meeting ended on the 13th, when McIlroy’s eagle chip entered the water from behind the green.

It was his biggest loss on Match Play since Ben Crane beat him 8 և 7 in the second half of 2011.

Just Astin Thomas (2) joined DeChambo (5) as the main seed who lost their opening matches. Colin Morikawa (4), Xander Schoffellen (6), Patrick Reed (7) և Tyrell Hutton (8) had to end the relationship.

Thomas fell five in front of Matt Kuchar in the ninth half, a hole too large for him to collect. After winning the Players’ Championship, he lost to Kuchar in 16th place.

“I’m not sure a lot of people would vote for me this week,” said Kuchar, who has been on the top 10 for more than a year.

Rising 2019 champion Kevin Kissner – Match Play was the third event to be canceled last year due to the COVID-19 epidemic – defeated Louis Osthuizen in his seventh consecutive game.

Since the odometer switched to group play in 2016, Kieser is the only player to lose his first game to win. So there is hope for Thomas, DeChambo և Macliro. They still have a chance to win their group, and the 16 winners were knocked out over the weekend.

It will not be easy, even for the winners. Dustin John Onson, the upper seed, lost momentum when he found water on the par-5 12th, three feet from 15 feet, losing the 13th. He finally locked Adam Long in the 18th hole.

“Winning your first game definitely helps,” said John Onson. “But you still have to win a lot in all three games if you want to move forward.”

Sebastian Munoz rolled 25 feet of bird droppings into the final hole, forcing Rahm to gain his 8 feet. He rolled it and pushed it toward the hole with his fist.

After two sets, Kentley trained 18 feet to finally remove Brian Harman: 1. The usually modest Cantlay gave a short fist pump for good reason. He never came out of the pit, he never did anything worse than equalize. He opened a short wedge for the eagle, made six birds, and perhaps made another if the hole did not give way.

And he still needed a big hole in the last hole to win.

“I feel it should not have been so difficult,” said Kentley. “I played great. He did not make any bogey և it was the whole way to the bitter end that really made him sweat. “When you are against an opponent who is playing really well և you play a little better, it is really satisfying.”


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