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Elon Musk assumes the technical title of Tesla

SAN FRANCISCO – Elon Musk has a new name in his electric car company. And that name is Tesla Technoking.

The carmaker, led by a sincere billionaire, issued a formal notice to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, stating that Musk will be promoted to Tesla Technical Officer and Kirkhorn, Chief Financial Officer, will be promoted to coin master.

The Uyghur will still retain their positions as CEO և CFO.

Musk, who is sometimes the richest man in the world, is known for his showy pranks and bold reproaches. He named his son singer Grimes X Æ A-12 (later renamed X Æ A-Xii), which may have violated the California State Naming Rules.

He agreed to a $ 20 million deal with the SEC in 2018 and lost his presidency to tell Tweet that “funding has been secured” for a private transfer to Tesla.

He reopened the company’s Bay Area plant in May, despite an order to stay in the country, prompting authorities to arrest him. The Washington Post reported last week that the plant had recorded hundreds of COVID-19 cases since its reopening.

Musk has a cult background, especially online, where he controls his own Twitter account and often engages fans with bitcoin.

Kirkhorn’s new title could signal Tesla’s commitment to bitcoin cryptocurrency. The company invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin last month and said it plans to accept cryptocurrency as a payment soon.

Musk has not yet written about his new title, but on Saturday he seemed to declare his love for techno.

He wrote: «Homo sapiens techno. Loves raves & technology »:

One of the followers answered. “Is the Tesla rave cave still planned in Giga Berlin?”

“Here it is,” Musk confirmed.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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