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El Salvador’s election could transform the political landscape

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) – President Nayeb Bukelle won a landslide victory over El Salvador’s established political parties two years later. supporters:

That could change on Sunday, when Salvadoran voters go to the polls, which polls suggest could change the country’s political landscape.

Anger with the parties that have ruled El Salvador for almost three decades has ousted Buquelle in 2019, leaving disappointment. Bookle explained that the Legislative Assembly has been an obstacle in everything from crime control to the management of the coronavirus epidemic.

Although Buquelle is not a candidate, he is at the center of the candidates’ campaign either to support him or to test his strength. The Conservative Republican National Alliance (Arena) և The left-wing Farabundo Martիի Liberation Front is hoping that Bukelé’s takeover of the convention by New Ideas will gain a foothold, but the scandal has discredited both parties over the years.

Having a majority in the Legislative Assembly, Buquelle’s party could not only advance the agenda of the President, but also appoint judges of the Supreme Court. about human rights և others. In fact, his party could replace his top critics.

Eduardo Escobar, executive director of the Civic Action NGO, says that if New Ideas wins a majority in Congress, El Salvador will lose “that ban on the legislature from exercising power when it exceeds the rule of law or the constitution. any attempt at abuse, any arbitrary action that the executive wants to take. “

“It will deepen the government-led authoritarianism,” Escobar said.

Two years ago, Buquelle sent heavily armed soldiers to surround the convention during a controversy over security funding, receiving international remarks.

The administration of President Biden was cautious. The AP reported this month that Buckle had sought meetings with administration officials to briefly travel to Washington but had not received one. Bookle categorically denied seeking such meetings.

Former Arena lawmaker John Ony Wright, who is seeking a return to Congress with the new “Our Time” party, said he believed “the endangered system of government we knew about controls, balances, democracy and pluralism” was at stake.

But Escobar admits that Buchelle’s popularity remains at the stratospheric level, with the rejection of traditional parties being almost as high. The popularity of the new ideas lies in the fact that “during the 30 years of the rule of these parties, people have not seen any improvement in their lives.”

Dagoberto Gutiérrez, a former guerrilla commander and signer of a peace agreement that ended the 12-year civil war, said: “This Sunday the people are going to bury the incapable parties so that the society will hate them.”

Gutierrez, now a political analyst, says the election will mark the end of a governing class for those parties. It will be replaced by “a new class of government that does not come from any political party, but comes from the bowels of society.”

He dismissed as “irrelevant” the arguments for the victory of the “New Ideas”, which were a threat to democracy. It does not affect “people who have no food, no water, no health, no proper pension.”

Tahnya Pastor, a young lawyer who failed to get on the ballot as an independent candidate for the legislature, said she realized that the public’s enthusiasm for the new ideas was stable and even growing.

But he criticized Buchele և opposition lawmakers for deepening their political controversy. “The bridges have been dynamized, they are not being repaired, there is no going back,” he said.

“In El Salvador, there is selective justice, an unjust, circular, vicious system where only the rich are preferred,” said Pastor. “The people have relied on President Buquelle, who has changed his mind, whether he likes it or not, to help the people.”


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