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Edmunds compares the 2021 Tesla Model S to the Porsche Taycan

The Tesla Model S debuted about a decade ago and instantly introduced the future of electric cars. There was a beautiful appearance with interesting new technological features, unique performance and range. Tesla’s ongoing updates have kept the rest of the automotive industry on hold along the way. Only recently has a model come out to compete with the Model S, the Porsche Taycan.

Taycan is not so revolutionary, but it offers such opportunities, plus the ethos aura of building sports cars from Porsche. Is that enough to fit the Model S? Edmunds experts tested both to find out.


The Model S Long Range, the least expensive roof, offers an EPA rated 412 miles. Although Edmunds found in its own range of tests that Tesla EPA numbers are usually a bit optimistic, this is still one of the longest distances you can get from an EV. There is one benefit to having access to Tesla’s proprietary Supercharger network of fast charging stations.

On paper, not everything is so sunny for the Porsche Taycan. At the time of publication, the EPA estimated longest range is 227 miles for the mid-range Taycan 4S with Performance Battery Plus. Although lower than the Model S, the Taycan 4S outperformed the Edmunds in 323 miles before the juice ran out. The result When driving real, you will not notice as much difference between the two cars as the specifications suggest.

Porsche does not have its own charging network, but is working with third-party companies to greatly increase the number of charging stations in the country.

Winner: Model S.


The base launch of the 2021 Tesla Model S starts at $ 80,000. The new Plaid version, which has yet to be released, will be $ 120,000. The Model S is well-equipped with standard features such as an adjustable air suspension, heated front և second-row seats և 22-volume audio system. Tesla also includes standard driving aids, such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and frontal collision mitigation.

Taycan is more expensive. The 2021 Taycan starts at around $ 81,000, but features such as heated seats and customizable cruise control are an option. The high-end Turbo S starts at over $ 185,000 and does not yet meet the core specifications of Tesla. The build quality of Taycan is of a higher standard,: you can do much more to customize Taycan with special colors և with interior materials. But this category is not enough to fluctuate in favor of Porsche.

Winner: Model S.


The interior of the Model S is clean և with a simple, almost button-free design that centralizes the main controls to the huge central touch screen, including the climate control համակարգի audio system. Later there is a hatchback elevator, which reveals a significant cargo area. There is also plenty of room for back passengers.

Like the Model S, many Taycan features are controlled by a touch screen. But Porsche fastens them with traditional rods, buttons, and buttons for functions such as wing control, windshield wipers, and lighting. It’s a more familiar հեշտ easier to use experience. The cargo space of the rear passengers is more limited than the Model S, but overall the Taycan is a more enjoyable car to spend time in.

Winner: Taijan


Tesla driver assistance is one of the best in the business. Activating some of these features is not easy, but in practice they work well. There are other neat features, such as the ability to play video games with a touch screen, which is nice to do while standing and charging the car. You can also sync your Spotify account directly with the car, although Tesla only offers a Bluetooth smartphone connection.

In Taycan you will not find any capricious video games or dirty noise generators. Taycan driver aids are smooth and easy to operate. You also get Apple CarPlay, a smartphone connection that lets you control your phone apps through the Porsche touch screen. It is not available on Model S.

Winner: tie


Maximum acceleration is lightning fast in these two luxury sedans. However, the Taycan does a better job of giving you a sense of the road when making turns. In general, it is more agile and sporty. It also has small advantages for navigation. It is a little calmer, with less wind on the highway, less traffic, its traffic is smoother.

Winner: Taijan


These two luxury EVs are very compatible. The Tesla Model S offers more range և features for less money, while the Porsche Taycan counters with more improved և driver involvement. From Edmunds’s position, Taycan wins a small victory here.


This story was reported to the Associated Press by the Edmunds automobile website.

Reese Counts is a vehicle testing editor at Edmunds. Twitter: @rmcounts:

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