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Edmund. Five new generators to look forward to in 2021

The number of buyers of electric vehicles is increasing in the number of models to choose from. There are almost two dozen electric cars on the market today, and that choice will only grow in the next eight months. Here are five upcoming power plants, organized by price, which Edmunds specialists, seeing that they are most excited to see in 2021.


As the name suggests, the Bolt EUV is related to Chevrolet’s existing Bolt hatchback. Compared to the Bolt, it has a longer, all-terrain vehicle and offers more rear room. It can also be selected with standard screw features not available, such as panoramic sunroof, ventilated front seats.

Expect the Bolt EUV to cover about 250 miles. Like a regular Bolt, it only has a front wheel, the bike has no other. But it will offer General Motors Super Cruise. This circuit breaker system allows the car to accelerate, brake, steer on more than 200,000 miles of restricted access roads. The Bolt EUV is the first non-Cadillac vehicle to receive this system.

Release window. Summer 2021:

Prices start at $ 33,995


Today’s Hyundai Ioniq Electric serves as a gateway to Hyundai’s electrified offerings, but soon the automaker will use the name for a series of sedans, crossover SUVs built specifically on the EV platform. In the first place is the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The Ioniq 5 is similar in size to the Honda CR-V, but with no engine, the front end is shorter. Extra length is between the wheels, which should translate into a legroom that competes with a mid-size crossover. Other highlights include an abundance of technological features, such as a dual-engine power transmission that is good for about 300 horsepower and an estimated 250 miles.

Release window. Autumn 2021

Approximate price. Starting at $ 38,000

2021 RIVIAN R1T:

The first electric pickup in the mass market will not come from Ford, Chevrolet or Tesla, but rather a Detroit-based startup. In terms of size, the 2021 Rivian R1T slot is in the middle of a full-size truck, but its capabilities are closer to what you find in the latter. Rivian says the R1T can cost up to ,000 11,000, or slightly less than the Ram 1500 crew.

Also noteworthy is the description of the R1T as an electric car. The initial Launch Edition is fully loaded և, like all R1Ts, has an electric motor on each wheel. They produce a whopping 753 horsepower together, opening the advertised 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds. On the floor is a large box of batteries that, according to Rivian, can provide up to 300 miles.

Release window. Summer 2021:

Prices start at $ 75,000


This sleek luxury sedan is Audi’s latest EV. It follows the debut of the e-tron SUV a few years ago. The GT’s dual-electric motors produce a total of 469 horsepower to 637 horsepower, depending on the level of refinement և driving mode, which allows you to run at speeds of up to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. Audi says the car will have a range of 238 miles և a charging port on each side of the car for added plug-in convenience.

Inside, the numerous e-tron display screens and corner surfaces give the cabin a futuristic look. There are also eco-conscious touches, including recycled materials used in seat fabric and interior decoration. The result is a distinctive cabin that helps differentiate the e-tron GT from the Porsche Taycan on which it is based.

Release window. Summer 2021:

Prices start at $ 100,945


General Motors is trying to spread the image of the Hummer brand gasoline by restarting it as an electric pickup. But the company also does not want to give up the Hummer off-road loan, so when the 2022 GMC Hummer EV launches later this year, it will be filled with benefits, including body suspension, all-terrain tires and CrabWalk mode. which allows the vehicle to move diagonally from the stop.

The first prototype of the first edition is the only Hummer EV we will see this year, և the reservations are already full. Those who hit the hole will get a three-engine truck (one front, two rear) that produces a whopping 1,000 horsepower, and in 3.5 seconds this truck accelerates from zero to 60 miles per hour. According to GMC, the Hummer EV will cover 350 miles.

Release window. Autumn 2021

Price: $ 112,595

EDMUNDS says. EV buyers have a considerable variety to choose from. But waiting for summer or autumn will make you a more diverse team.


This story was reported to the Associated Press by the Edmunds automobile website.

Cameron Rogers is Edmunds’s news and review editor. Twitter: @_crogers:

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