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Eastside Catholic kicks off the Metro League football season by ending O’Dea

SAMMASH – Could there be a better way to celebrate the return of high school sports to King County than the Eastside-Catholic-O’Dea football game?

Probably not.

The 3A Class 3A football powers, who have met in the last two state league games, opened the Metro League football season at Eastside Catholic on Friday night.

Eastside Catholic used three passes from senior midfielder Kobe Moussaoui, two to freshman Unterio Latin-Henley, and a five-star defense led by JT Tuimoloau to beat the Irish 20-0.

After fighting with five turnovers in the first half, the Crusaders left in the second. Muasau were 7-1 in 116 yards led by Eastside Catholic to score in their first two drives in the second half.

Those discs culminated in an 11-yard pass to Henley և a 39-yard pass to Tuimolou, who is also in a strong position, giving Eastside Catholic a 20-0 lead of 11:52.

That ended any uncertainty.

“I felt like we were beating ourselves in the first half, we just had to correct our small mistakes here and there,” said Moussaou.

Moussaou was 12 to 11 in the middle of the second for 122 yards. He was 25 to 20 in 252 yards to play. Latin-Henley had four wins for 111 yards – two points. Tuimoloau had six wins in 85 yards և score.

The most important thing for the Crusaders was that they had no turnover in the second half.

The defenses stole the show in the first half when the defensive lines prevailed. The Quarterbacks had little time and the running backs had less space. Circulation (seven) was more common than the first drop (six).

It was the type of half.

On the pitch, Eastside Catholic took a 7-0 lead when Muasau found the back of O’Dea’s defense for Latin-Henly for a 67-yard pass.

But it was about the offensive events of the first half. Eastside Catholic threw 130 yards in the first half, but had only three first landings, an urgent minus-20 yards, 11 penalties and five missed scams. Yes, five.

O’Dea, who played without senior supporter Milton Hopkins Jr., rushed 66 yards in the first half but made just three first landings և minus 2 yards. The Irish ended up with 95 offense yards, no more yards in the air.

O’Dea coach Monte Kohler said his team played hard, but complained that the Irish did not win all of Eastside Catholic turnover in the first half. Escaping Eastside Catholic 3-yard row in the second quarter. One of the two missing scams for O’Dea – it hurt especially.

“It was huge. “I thought we had a chance to score,” said Kohler, who said Hopkins Jr. would return in the fourth game.

In the 2019 state championship, Eastside Catholic came together late to beat O’Dea, losing to the Irish in the regular season. It was the second direct state title for the Crusaders. It was the fourth consecutive title game for O’Dea, who won the championship in 2017.

In the last four matches of the regular season, it was the հանդիպ 2 և match of No. 1, each team winning twice. So it was not a soft landing for the team, as Eastside Catholic coach Dominic Dasten spoke a few days before the game.

“I’m very excited to be back on the pitch, training our kids, standing next to each other, but I’m not so excited about playing O’Dea for our first game,” he said. “I say that language out of a kind of swelling, because they are very good, that I respect their program very much. It is a difficult game just outside the goal.

“No other game we play or meet is like this game. It’s very important for both sides… և I have already said that Monte Kohler has forgotten more football than I know. “

Dusten said his “kids were really appreciated, that a lot of people worked really hard to get them back on the field.”

Daste singled out Kohler, who is also O’Dea’s sports director, for his work in bringing sports back.

“I know he worked day and night for all the high school sports, not just football, to get back to what they did,” Dast said.

But on Friday night, Duster’s team’s goal was to send Kohler home with a loss to the Irish.

The mission is done.


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