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During the Sweet 16 run, Michigan և Vilanova put forward the major injuries of the past

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Vilanova spent the entire season in action, securing the attack of the senior guard, Colin les Ilespi. Michigan knew it could depend on versatile veteran Isaiah Livers.

Now the Wildcats and the Wolverines have figured out how to win the NCAA without them.

Gillespie is out with a serious knee injury he suffered during the last week of the regular season. Livers has recovered indefinitely from a leg injury he was diagnosed with during the Big Ten. And both teams are participating in Sweet 16, so far successfully adapting to those hits of last season.

“Obviously everything will happen in season, but we’re just trying to stay consistent,” said John ounce Jr., a Michigan-branded Livers starter. “We work together at all times. And we’re just working on it in practically everything, just to keep the flow going, trying to instill that confidence in everyone, step by step. It worked, so we just have to keep moving it. ”

It was not easy for both teams. But they are still moving forward. The fifth breeding wild cat met Baylor in the semifinals of the Southern District on Saturday, and the Wolverines, who finished in first place, met the state of Florida in the East.

“We do not feel sorry for ourselves,” said Vilanova striker Erma Ermine Samuels after the second-round victory over North Texas. “We do not feel sorry for ourselves, blaming each other for something, it’s just the next challenge, the next person – to keep that laser focus, trying to be our best team. And whatever happens, it happens. ”

Gil Ilespin scored Vilanova (14 points), playmaker (4.6 assists) հարված 3-point shot (almost 38%). But she landed in the first half against Creighton on March 3 with a torn midfield on her left knee, and then Vilanova lost to Providence to close the regular season and then to the Orjtown Big East.

However, in the NCAA Tournament duties duties Astin Moore, who took over at that point, averaged 12.6 points per game after entering the tournament, and freshman Chris Archidiacono, whose older brother Ryan helped the Wildcats win the 2016 NCAA title. starting.

Leading striker Jeremiah Robinson-Earl has also strengthened as a playmaker, scoring six assists in each win, which is a career high. At the same time, coach Ay Wright has found that Gil Ilesp has a long-distance contribution, forcing him to compile his Baylor Scout report, hoping that Les Ilesp’s injured Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree will be out of action on Saturday. :

“We were all so comfortable (les ilespin) that he led the way for us in everything we did,” Wright said. “I consulted with him about travel decisions or weekends. He was so much of it.

“It simply came to our notice then. But I think rem Jeremiah Robinson-Earl և erma ermine Samuels really got stronger, they just kind of took over the leadership of his team. It’s quite impressive to watch. “

For Michigan, the 6-7, 230-pound Livers is the senior with an average of 13.1 points և 6.0 rebounds, while hitting 43% from 3%. But he has not played since the day the Wolverines won the Big Ten.

Coach Wan van Howard said after Sunday’s victory over LSU that it would take a lot of Wolverines action to cover Livers’ influence in many areas.

So far they have responded.

John ounces, aged 6-8, averaged 4.1 points per game in the NCAA, scoring 18 points և three blocks. And against LSU, senior goalkeeper Ellie Brooks ավագ Wake Forrest senior transfer Chandy Brown Jr., 21 points.

More performances of this kind will be required to keep wolves և wild cats.

“When you have a family member who falls due to an injury, everyone comes together and helps that player go through the experience with what he has to do,” Howard said. “And it is not easy, it is very difficult. So when it comes to going out on the field, there are practically a lot of times when you see your team, you see what each guy gives to help the team win with a horse.

“We have a very deep list. So the next man’s mindset was never to respect the player’s injury, (it) always felt like you were back to your brother.


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