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Draft is a season of caricatures. Here is who the Seahawks could take in their first choice

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There are more than two months left in the NFL, but the caricature season is in full swing ովքեր those who are trying to predict which players will be going by making seemingly daily predictions for this year’s weather.

The fun season, however, may be a bit muted for Seattle fans this year, as the Seahawks do not have a first-round pick; they are not going to make a pick until No. 56 at the moment. take for the first two days. The project runs from April 29 to May 1.

Seattle has only twice waited to make its first choice in the history of the franchise. In 2015, when the team selected Frank Clark at number 63: In 2013, when the Seahawks ranked Christine Michael at number 62.

So who can Seattle reach at age 56?

What is not surprising is that most of the mockery of Seattle takes a person on the offensive line, a position that was necessary even before Russell Wilson’s comments put pressure on the team to improve its front line.

Of course, the caveat is that Seattle բոլոր all other teams can meet their most pressing needs in free agencies.

But as long as Seattle’s obvious needs remain,’s satirical projects reflect just as much.

Let’s take a look at some of the Seahawks’ jokes, including one that sees Seattle across the lake making its first choice.

Anthony Thrash, Pro Football Focus

Guard White Davis, Ohio

Their comment. “It’s no secret that Russell Wilson is outraged by Seattle’s brass instruments, which give him a below-average attack line year after year. Although some of the hits և bags take over, there are improvements ahead, particularly along the domestic offensive line. Davis is a high-risk, high-reward type of choice. He has a knee problem that caused him to fall several times in 2020, but Davis was clearly one of the best attacking midfielders in college football last year. In 2019, he registered 459 transfer bans, did not allow any bags or hit the base. The set of physical skills is there. The only question is, can he stay healthy? ”

My comment: Davis makes a lot of sense, assuming that Seattle did not sign the free agent’s obvious starting line-up և one possible complication: he was playing the right guard in Ohio. It’s the left-leaning Seattle in need with Mike Iupati (who was not expected to return to Seattle at the end of his career) և Jordan Worman Simmons as a limited agent. Seattle has established right-back Damien Lewis, who will run in the third round in 2020. So it would be a question for Seattle if Davis could cross to the left without a helix. It may not seem like a big deal, but it should be taken into account. Otherwise, he has a ton of likes for Davis, who many think will not go that far և has an impressive family. His grandfather is the famous Willie Diss Hall, the main part of the Lombardy-era Packages.

AJ Schutle, Pro Football Network

Guard Trey Smith, Tennessee

His comment. “In the off-season, Seattle wanted to get back into the ball. The current offensive line is simply not going to cut it. Trey Smith is the embodiment of a fighting ball. Combining him with Damien Lewis gives Seattle a dominant guard duo with great strength and physique. ”


Nick Farabo, Pro Football Network

Guard Trey Smith, Tennessee

His comment. “Trey Smith may not make it to the first round due to his large size of more than 6 feet, 2 312: total talent. In his freshman year, he started all 12 games on the left for Voltaire, earning a freshman all-American excellence, but sat out the entire 2018 season due to two separate cases of blood clots in his lungs. Smith returned to the team in 2019, where he joined the guard, played well enough to earn a place in the All-SEC First Team for two years in a row. His immense strength, excellent hand technique, general motivation և overall football intelligence should make him an attractive prospect for any team. however, his general lack of mobility նախկին previous health problems could see him slipping into the Seahawks’ domain.

My comment: As mentioned above, Smith has been playing in the left-back for the last two years, so at least moving to the Seahawks did not require him to adjust to the new side. Not that teams aren’t looking for all the colleges well, but Seattle apparently dug up Tennessee a year ago when Darrell Taylor finished second.

Chad Reuters, NF 69

Offensive operation by Alex Letterwood, Alabama

My comment: NFbsite just listed Leatherwood here without comment. There is a lot of ridicule that Leatherwood is getting higher, building on an impressive college career that included winning the Outland Trophy in 2020 and earning an American diploma for playing the left-hand side of the mighty Crimson Tide. But he was practically struggling a bit against those rushing to the edge of the Seni Bowl, which led some to think he could be a better place in the NFL as a goalkeeper. He was the right guard for Tide in 2018. That could make him an ideal candidate for Seattle if he is really available at the age of 56.


Corner Elijah Molden, Washington

Their comment. “Realistically, the Seahawks are not selling to Russell Wilson. Although his desire for more protection will probably be resolved in two steps. First, change the offensive game plan to get the ball faster to attract shorter intermediate passes. Second, the replacement of Mike Jupati with a free agent. The hat area is narrow for almost every team in 2021, but finding a place through contract changes is not very difficult. Seattle has several options hereՉ Although the hat area is not unlimited, a player like Shaquill Griffin can be too expensive for Seattle. Maybe Quinton Dunbar will be back; but that they need contingency plans. Elijah Molden is a much more nickel corner; he would compete with Marquis Blair և Hugo Amadi for playing time. “Pete Carroll’s mantra is ‘always competing,’ creating the environment for Blair, Amadi և Molden (or whatever) to fight for the role, it’s about this team.”

My comment: I’m not really sure if the Nickel Corner, which is the’s 5-10, 190 190’s’s in the NFL, is how Seattle will make its first choice. DJ Reed is ignored in conversations in the corners of Seattle Free Agent. His appearance last year meant that Seattle really only had to re-register one from Dunbar or Griffin, և Blair և Amadi still had to be nickel (they said Blair was recovering from his ACL injury) և Tre Flowers with another year as depth. It’s Griffin’s Danbar being fired from a free agency, then Seattle’s corner needs are obviously greater. But here it is that at least one will return, ան Danbar may be more likely, given the potential markets for each.

Eddie Brown, San Diego Union Tribune

Angular Paul Adebo, Stanford

His comment. “Shaquille Griffin and Quinton Dunbar are both unlimited free agents. Adebo is a talent of the first period, who is strong in press coverage, smart in the belt. “It has a prototype size – high speed to catch up with burners.”

My comment: If Seattle had made its first choice corner, the 6-1, 192-pound Adebo could have been more meaningful as a prototype frontier corner. Adebo’s profile comes with some version of the phrase “long arms” և “Excellent length” և we know how Seattle values ​​this feature.

Adebo has given up on the 2020 season, so next month his Pro Day will be key.

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