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Dozens of other men are suing Ohio for sexual misconduct

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Dozens of other men are suing Ohio State for sexual harassment and dishonesty by team doctor Richard Strauss decades ago.

They respond to the demands of more than 400 men in the past, many of whom claim to have been caught during necessary medical examinations or treatment for unrelated diseases. At least 39 new plaintiffs filed new lawsuits in federal court on Monday, two years after a law firm’s investigation concluded that university staff had been aware of Strauss’ concerns since 1979. ,

“With this lawsuit, the plaintiffs are trying to hold the OSU accountable for its failures, to ensure that such a thing never happens again,” the lawyers wrote in one of the new cases.

Strauss, who died in 2005, is accused of abusing young men during his two decades at school.

The university has publicly apologized, promised a “monetary decision” for the survivors, and has already reached a residence of almost $ 47 million for 185,185 plaintiffs. It recently announced an individual settlement plan that could help resolve five of the remaining lawsuits.

No one has publicly defended Strauss since the 2018 graduates began to move forward with allegations of ill-treatment by doctors.

Before that, և even until 2019. The results of the law firm’s investigation made headlines, with many men believing their experiences were isolated, not recognizing them as sexual harassment, or unaware that school officials were aware of the concerns. During the doctor’s tenure, the newest plaintiffs said in their lawsuits.

Among them is a man from Ohio who claims that Strauss fell in love with him many times during the exams, when the plaintiff was in high school, his coach brought him to a university to join his swimming team as a promising athlete. According to the complaint, the alleged abuse took place from 1978 to 1981, during the first years of school as a doctor.

The newest plaintiffs, most of whom were anonymous, include former athletes in football, basketball, wrestling, ice hockey, athletics, lacrosse, baseball, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming and diving, as well as a former student who was treated at the Stra կենտրոնումa Health Center. 1996

Asked whether the school had commented on the new incidents, the speaker referred to his previous statements.


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