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Domino’s “Queen” has more than 1 billion views

In eight days, 25 hours later, it was Lily Haves time to knock down 15,000 dominoes. Havesh stood back with a gentle tap of his finger and repeated his favorite voice. Double dominoes hit the other.

One minute and 24 seconds later, the “amazing triple spiral”, the labyrinth of the domino artist’s masterpiece, was destroyed, he was delighted. Since the video was released in 2016, his joy has been shared by more than 114 million views.

“For some reason, I like to watch them fall,” Haves said in an interview last week. “It’s just nice to hear the click, to see how it fails.”


Almost six years later, the 22-year-old “Eve 5”, known to millions of people, is undoubtedly the brightest star in the domino universe.

As one of the women competing professionally as a domino artist, her intricate designs, representing tens of thousands of pieces, have gone viral over the years. With over 1 billion views on YouTube, և 3 million subscribers, his artistry has led him to work with some of the world’s biggest brands և personalities from Disney, Pixar ար Marvel to Will Smith, Katy Perry և Jim մի im Fallon. Inc. The magazine was hailed as the “queen” of domino art; last year, Haves launched its own domino series.

Hevesh’s rise is featured in the documentary “Lily Travels the World”. Directed by Rem Jeremy Warkman and executive producer Kelly Marie Tran, the film premieres this week in South at the Southwest Virtual Film Conference.

He is one of the last many young stars on YouTube to break in recent years. A generation of content creators who have found their voice, built communities, and become role models through breathing videos spread on the Internet.

“Lily’s journey is a story of a young age,” Warkman told The Washington Post. “It was not just this artist with this incredible success. This was the story of a young woman who somehow found herself. ”

This artist was not the only one with this incredible success. This was the story of a young woman who somehow found herself. ”
– rem Jeremy Warckman, “Lily travels the world” director

According to the Hevesh family in the film, before being adopted in the United States, his biological parents left him in China as a newborn. His mother said Haves was insecure, growing up “scared” in Sendown, New York, but would one day change that with his grandparents.

In 2008, when he was 9 or 10 years old, Havesh first discovered a collection of 28 dominoes and began playing with them in the backyard of his grandparents’ camp. Again and again, he stopped them, knocking them down, enchanted by every click of the classic black and white dominoes.

“I was building a domino on the table and then forcing it to rise to the floor to try to see where it was falling so I could match the domino line,” he said. “It was a kind of game for me to build a domino, to shape it so that I knew it made sense, it would work for that chain reaction.”

The amount of complex dominoes he found after searching for “dominoes” on YouTube depended on Haves. In 2009, he started his YouTube page at the age of 10, silently opposing the rules of the platform, which forbade anyone under the age of 13 to open a channel.

Although “Havesh 5”, which was intended to be the fifth member of the family, remained anonymous from the beginning, its videos began to spread widely. His domino horse freestyle will be recognized in 2013, when Campbell Soup asked a 13-year-old to create a commercial, he said. That year, a quarterly collaboration with another domino builder called INSANE Domino Tricks led to his first viral video, which garnered more than 163 million views.

“I was doing it just for fun, it kind of turned around,” he told The Post.

Although the fans knew the artist for dominoes, another question remained unanswered. Who is Hevesh5? 6 1/2 years after posting anonymously, Havesh announced in the 2015 video who he is. “Yes, I am a girl.”

Although the response to the teenager’s videos was overwhelmingly positive, he said there were times when critics left racist-sexist comments on his videos.

“Not everyone is going to accept or like you, it’s something I had to come to terms with,” he said. “This is my story, I’m going to share it. If they don’t accept it, that’s fine.”

Yes, I’m a girl. …
This is my story, I’m going to share it, և if they do not accept it, that’s good. “
– Heves 5:

Tran, best known for his role as mechanic Rose Tico in the latest Star Wars trilogy, told The Post that he was proud of Howeshov for his handling of his trolls. The actress, who faced her real online pursuit years ago, said that Havesh is an example of how she grew up on YouTube.

“Here is this woman who loved this thing, which people may not have understood or doubted about her choice. “And to see how he really recognizes the power of pursuing his own passion, rather than listening to other people’s fears, just seeing where he’s taking it, is inspiring to everyone.” “I think it inspires me, even now.”

Eve has come with the ouvement – the rise of Haves in the online world. Shortly after releasing the Triple Spiral video, Haves decided that if he continued to be one of the few professional domino artists in the world, he would have to leave college after his first year. He enjoyed studying mechanical engineering and product design at Renzler Polytechnic, Hewes said, but he told his mother he could do more to promote STEM by continuing a career that was already underway (with his father’s help).

“I just could not see how I was doing for four years,” he said. “What am I going to do with a degree when I technically already have the job I dream of?”

Instead of a classroom, the domino artist made her eggs in museums, movies and in “Today’s Show”. He also started a business. Last year, he announced a deal with Spin Master to sell H5 Domino Creations to all major retailers.

In a video call last week, the 22-year-old promised that even with everything she has done so far, she still had her goal to break the world record for the largest dominoes ever. To do so, he said, would be to build the “craziest” design of 5 million dominoes – a giant team that would work for up to three months to combine it.

While Warckman and Tran were suffocating from the thought of 5 million dominoes, Havesh nodded his head calmly, muttering almost as if he was thinking about the design before he heard the first clicking sound of a domino crash.

“It would be amazing,” he said.


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