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Doctors in Paris warn of the catastrophic burden of viral cases

Paris (AP) – Critical care physicians in Paris say the rise of coronavirus infections could soon overwhelm the ability to care for patients in hospitals in the French capital, possibly forcing them to choose which patients to save.

Sobering warnings were conveyed on Sunday in newspapers signed by dozens of doctors in the Paris region. They came at a time when French President Emmanuel Macron was vigorously defending his decision not to close France again as it had last year. In January, the Macron government imposed a nationwide curfew, seizing it with other restrictions.

But due to the growing number of infections, և hospitals are becoming less and less bedridden, doctors are stepping up pressure for a complete French blockade.

According to Le Journal du Dimanche, 41 doctors from hospitals in the Paris region said: People և filled the emergency departments of Paris with wounded.

Doctors predict that the more lenient restrictions imposed on some other districts of Paris this month will not be able to control the resurgent epidemic quickly. They warned that hospital resources would not be able to keep up with the needs, forcing them to use “disaster medicine” in the coming weeks, when the peak of the cases.

They have already written: “We already know that our ability to provide care will prevail.” “We owe it to ourselves to treat the sick in order to save as many lives as possible. This triage will apply to all HIV-positive patients without patients, especially adult patients.

Another group of nine critical care physicians, who wrote in the newspaper Le Monde, also warned that resuscitation departments in Paris may have to drop patients.

They write: The current situation is moving towards dominance, which is also called “triage”. “When there is only one ICU bed, but it can be used by two patients, it consists of deciding which of them will be admitted (ուցե may survive) և who will not be admitted (և are likely to die). That’s where we’s going. ”

They accused Macron’s government of hypocrisy “forcing health workers to decide which patient should live and who should die without specifying.”

Macron continues to argue that not closing France again this year, like in some other European countries, was the policy of a healthy government, even as more than 2,000 deaths a week drove the country closer and closer to the 100,000 people lost to the epidemic. More than 94,600 virus deaths are currently estimated in the country.

“We were right not to apply the blockade in France in late January because we did not have the explosion that each model predicted,” Macron said last week. “None of me will be softer. I do not regret it, I will not accept the failure. “

The Macron administration hoped that its vaccination campaign would be able to overcome the resurgence, an ambition that seemed more unrealistic during the hospital battle. Following the slow start of December, the impetus for the vaccination in France over the weekend intensified with the introduction of injections for healthy people 70 70 տարի older.

More than 7.7 million people, about 15% of all French adults, have had at least one stroke from the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccine. The government says rates will continue to rise, with France expecting to receive an additional 3 million doses of Pfizer this week.

EU vaccine king Thierry Breton told French radio station RTL on Sunday that the bloc would deliver 420 million doses of the vaccine to its member states by July 15.

“Vaccines are coming,” he said.

Breton also presented a draft health certificate for the EU, which could make it easier for residents to cross its internal borders. The certificate shows whether people have been vaccinated, tested negative for coronavirus, or recovered. He said the certificate would be optional and could be available in mid-June.


“Leicester” reported from Le Pecq (France).


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