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Do you plan to share your 2020 with friends and family? The newspaper can be the version

For many, 2020 was a disturbing, frustrating, heartbreaking, disorienting day. However, as December draws to a close, it’s also an opportunity to assess what happened, և for your friends և and your family to know how you got through it all.

Creating a 2020 summary with your own words and pictures serves as your personal history record for a very difficult year. Free software can guide you through this project. You can even do all this on your mobile phone or tablet. Here’s how you can do it.

If there are few stories of luxury vacations or group outings this year, think about more adventures like the one you had: adopting a cat, exploring the city, learning to cook, or learning to play the mandolin. If your whole family has something to say, ask each member to add one or two paragraphs.

When it comes to writing, write your thoughts in your note-taking app or word processor, such as Apple Pages or Google Docs. Both are free, they are probably already on your device են running on mobile phones, tablets և computer web browsers. (You can also go to step 3 and start writing with a template).

If you do not like using the on-screen keyboard to print large amounts of text, connect a cheap Bluetooth keyboard to your phone or tablet for a more familiar typing experience. (No matter what you write, be sure to check the spelling և check your document).

Although travel photos are rare, և 2020 school photos enlarge screenshots, browse your photo library for more images to capture your year.

To achieve an inclusive family portrait on New Year’s Eve, set the camera timer so that the photographer has a few seconds to join the photo. Pictures of walking around your city, having dinner with friends, great photos of garden flowers և Animal photos can capture life as you live it in 2020, even during blockades or quarantines.

Now is the time to combine your words and images into one remarkable document. If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Most word processing software includes a sample gallery that you can use as a starting point; Apple Pages և Google Docs includes templates.

In the gallery, select the template you like, then replace the sample text by highlighting it և typing (or pasting) your own words. Click or click on sample images to replace them with images in your photo library, or find a menu option to insert new ones.

If you do not like the template options, format your own document from scratch in your word processing application. Remember some basic visual tips. Do not use dozens of different fonts that may contradict և distract the reader from your words. Use font sizes large enough for comfortable reading. And regardless of the season, be aware of recipients who may be overwhelmed when choosing fonts and page backgrounds.

If you have a printer, paper, envelopes, and a good supply of ink, all you need to make your newsletter at home. (You can even order stamps from the United States Postal Service). However, it is a good idea to print one և double check the document before sending 50 copies to the printer.

If you do not have a local printer or printer to complete the work, consider the online services store office services, where you can download your newsletter document for printing և transfer (or delivery). Staples prints personalized documents և vacation cards like Office Depot և FedEx Office. These special print sites have templates and design guides if you want to create your own newsletter right there.

Do you want to save time, money, ink or paper? Start exporting a copy of your newsletter document as a PDF file, as most word processors offer. Creating a PDF creates a copy that is the same as the original document but can be opened on most devices. Check your application menu to share, export or “save as PDF”. When you save your newsletter as a PDF, attach the new file to the message և send it to everyone in your mailing list.

Of course, the concept of a year-end newsletter may seem strange. But if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that it is possible to stay connected with others.

Since 1998, JD Biersdorfer has been answering questions about print, web, and audio-video technology. He writes, among other things, a column for the Applied Reading Sunday Book. @jdbiersdorfer:


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