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Divide arms races are heating up in the NHL trade deadline

Thanks to the split game for a little extra spice during the first two rounds of the NHL trade playoffs.

Hockey leaders like to say that they are only worried about making their own team better, and a few big steps on Monday made it clear that these are possible answers for the division’s rivals. Arms races were heating up in the East, Central, West, and North, just by wire, and because of this season’s gauge, only one team from each division will be out to compete for the Stanley Cup.

“I think the teams are trying to do what is best for their team, trying to make their team better, to compete in the playoffs, to win the Stanley Cup,” said Brian McLelan, director general of Washington Capitals.

After Pittsburgh, Boston and New York Islanders made additions, East Washington, the leader of the East, made a big fuss, capturing the great striker Anthony Manta. Florida could not allow reigning champions Tampa Bay to run away with Central, so the Panthers were sold instead of Sam Bennett.

To the west, Colorado took Vegas’ step further on the deeper front, doing the same. And Edmonton, Winnipeg և Montreal filled in the gaps after Toronto invaded with all the victories.


The “Islanders” hit early, last week New Ersey jersey striker Kyle Palmieri և acquiring Travis aj ayak for first-round pick. On Sunday night, the Penguins traded with double cup winner FFF Cards before the Brunins completed their 2018 MVP Taylor Hall deal.

MacLellan said Michael Raffl, pushing Mantha ելով deep into the capitals with all his chips, was independent of those moves. But key player Yakub Vrana, Richard Panick, the first-round pick this year and sending the second to Mantha in Detroit next year, makes Washington think it could depend on any other playoff team in the East.

“When we play our game, I think we are a tough team to work with,” McClellan said. “I think we are well prepared to play in the play-offs. I am kind of excited to see what he looks like.”


Everyone is trying to catch Tampa Bay Lightning, who won the Cup as a result of balloons Նիկ will bring Nikita Kucherov back in time to qualify for the playoffs. David Savard, the defender of the top four defenders, received lightning from Columbus over the weekend and only put pressure on everyone else.

The Florida Panthers met their need after the end of the season with Aaron Ekbladov, acquiring defender Brandon Montur from Buffalo. Then, in the second round, they sent a much-appreciated prospect to Calgary for 24-year-old striker Sam Bennett. The player who can help them hang out in the playoffs with Lightning or Carolina Hurricanes.

“We want to stay competitive, we want to do everything,” said freshman GM Bill Zito. “We want this team to be as good as it can be this year.”


Colorado topped the league table with 60 points in 41 games, but did not allow themselves to stand after Vegas exchanged center-back Matthias Jan. The “snowman”, who has added two goalkeepers in recent weeks to prevent injuries during last year’s playoffs, has acquired striker Carl Soderbergh in a deal with Chicago.

Vegas was more constrained by his salary cap than Colorado, and while GM Kelly McCreamon was ready to extend his current roster, he was determined to add an experienced veteran to Janmark who could make a difference in the off-season.

“No business was a real opportunity,” McCrimon said. “We had the opportunity to make our team better. “We felt the cost was one we could afford, so we added the player.”

Northern division

Toronto Maple Leafs played universally. How did former Columbus captain Nick Folinho score a total of six points in the next two seasons after exchanging with deep-seated goalkeeper Antti Suomela of goalkeeper David Ritchie?

The other three teams, which will be in turmoil across the Canadian playoffs, made smaller moves on Monday, but the teams were designed to deepen their defenses for the rough-and-tumble hockey that comes in late spring and early summer. Edmonton acquired Dmitry Kulikov from New Ersey, Winnipeg added Jord son Benin from Vancouver, and Montreal traded Philadelphia for Eric Gustafson.

“You want to take care of a few things,” said Jets GM Kin Che Geldayoff, adding that Ben gives his team more physical qualities. “Obviously, a lot of teams have done other things, but you see for yourself what is in front of you, what is appropriate, you are taking those steps accordingly.”


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